RiceGum Diss Track
Good afternoon
Your mum looks like Kim Jong-Un
Called me irrelevant, but you only get views
When you pay your mate's girlfriend to show off her boobs
You have the personality of a wet flannel
Sommer Ray's the only thing saving your channel
I've never had a fight, but you're a pro
He's already 1-0 against TheGabbieShow
You pissed off China with a single vlog
I heard you once tried to eat Alissa Violet's dog
And your life sucks, it can't be fun
Looking like a malnourished lesbian
The whole of Clout Gang are having a mare
Look, poor FaZe Banks is losing his hair
And FaZe Rug's nose is just obscene
Wait, Wolfie, stop! She's only seventeen!
Alissa Violet got with Logan and Jake
And all of RiceGum's Fortnite games are fake
His diss tracks stopped 'cause the last one flopped
And when he fights me, he's gonna get dropped!