[Part I]

Ah, man
You gotta learn to take jokes better, Deji
Especially with so-called "family"

[Verse 1: Randolph & Jake Paul]
Look, you're right, I been living at the Sidemen House
I took your room, bitch, they kicked you out
'Cause you ain't paying rent, you couldn't find the cash
Let me clear the air and take out the trash
It's over, you lost your pedigree (woof)
I'm more of a man than you'll ever be
I'm digging your grave, this is your cemetery
This shit elementary
You can't take a joke, you need to relax, G
Back in L.A., I was paying for your taxis
You're the poorest rich man that I know
Every time your card comes out, declined, bro
And how you gon' speak on my living arrangements
When you're young, rich and you're famous?
Now Deji, tell me, are you brain dead?
'Cause you still live with your parents
I got loyalty deep in my veins
You got no brains, you got no friends
You got no game, losing your fame
Losing your name, this is your end
You're just a poor man, I can't lie
You're just a Walmart KSI
You went to war with the wrong guy
There is nowhere you can hide
Nothing you've achieved is credible
Too busy taking edibles
Backstage just hours before
That is something I cannot ignore
Real reason you lost the fight
Way too busy getting high
No grit, no heart, no fight
No faith, all bark, no bite
Vikkstar fucking bitches that turned you down
I saw the girls that you brought to the house
Ten minutes with you and they bounce
Soon as they figure out what you're about
So sad, you're a loner
Cam girl, Chubby Stoner
It's just you and your boner
Catfished, no atonement
Remember that girl from Tinder?
You wanted to go and link her
Turned out she was a guy
I warned you, man, no lie
Only get your dick sucked at strip clubs
You're rich but can't get bitches
Made a 10K bet with your bro that you'll fuck
And still came back with no luck (How, Sway?)
And still you lie, man, I swear on my mother
Tried to wingman you all night
But she just preferred your brother
That's the story of your life, right?
That's peak, bet you sleep with a night light
Aww, man, did I reach too deep?
Getting bodied by me
KSI's bitch, I've been let off the leash, yeesh
[Part II]

Oh, you thought I was done?

[Verse 2]
Let's go
Half-way through, ain't even spoke on your channel
That's sixteen more rounds of automatic ammo
I ain't seen that much red since Jake handled your face
But it's all good, at least you got paid – oh, wait
20%, that's all you got
Could've been 40, but you got dropped
Extorting your brother tryna get half
Didn't get your own way, so ran back to your pa
Gave you a roof, gave you a chef, gave you a coach, gave you the cheques
But you bit the hand that feeds you, you's a joke, you's a mess
Too pussy to fight Weller, he's too scared to fight Gib
So instead, you're settling for that American kid
Alex Wassabi, acting like he's Muhammad Ali
But still thinking that's an easy fight, hardly
Can't compete on the mic, you'll try and get me in the ring
But I'm a fat motherfucker, I ain't fighting anything
Said you're losing subs 'cause you changed your name, nah
It's 'cause you never changed your lane
Doing the same old shit after August 25th
Same old Deji, manchild little bitch