Paintings Freestyle
Yeah, it's about time

Underrated most hated but I ain't 'bout that fake shit
Making statements vacated buying fucking paintings
Renovating the curtains to match what I've been earning
On my Eddie Hearn shit, reinventing the wheel, now its turning
Inspired by the greatest, got a degree in patience
Now I'm in the basement writing scriptures, turnin' pages
Fuck your internet opinion, I been in the jet
Thinking on building an empire
Just me in my Jada Pinkett
This ain't a sprint, this is king shit
Taking my time, rewriting lines
Drawing blueprints, checking my twice
I swear on my life I'm too many levels of high
Signing on your dotted lines, ain't taking what's mine
I be ascending into different realms, spending in different worlds
Overseas I'm a beast when this shit inhales
Holy grail, sipping on finest
Recline and climb the charts, it's a work of art, seeing double Noah's ark, kept it real since the start, I built this shit with my heart, all those years in the dark means you can't pull this apart
It's a taste of what's next, a look at how I invest
Drop no wage and then we built the war chest
So I can prepare for the next phase, this shit means more to me
I'm tryna get paid, I'm tryna become extraordinary
I'm tryna be all the things important to me, so that my daughter could be free in this climate that I'm in defining
If you ain't great, then you declining at a rate that ain't sustainable
I'm aiming at the top, you lames are all replaceable
I got faith in myself, you should try that
Investing in my future ain't no buy back
Mother fucker yeah I'm back
I'm, getting my feet wet in these uncharted waters
Fuck award shows, I'm just trying to cop a new piece for the wardrobe
Buy a house upon the hill and ignore those
Pestering my linelet, I'm festering my lines
I'm a lion tryna protect my independent like I'm Tech N9ne
Your bars cut like a bread knife, got me scared like a deer in the headlight
I'm in my prime let me settle in, they call me Pablo with the bars
It's your life that I'm meddling, yeah
Yo don't act like I ain't been this way since the start man
It's not my fault you been sleeping on me
Ugh, Oh and shoutout S-X