Cold Cave
The Idea of Love
The diversion was amiss
The idea of love cast by lonesome quips
I carried the sun
Said it was my turn
I was only burned

I'm sure I've been here before
Prosthetic limbs
Clawing at the floor
Your painted nails
On the front porch
Of the house of the rising sun

Begging for change
End of days
That suffocate
All I gave
And all I ever
Had to give

I lost it
I fought it
I need it
I keep it
I want it
I taunt it
I fucked it
I sucked it
I can't
To keep it
Defeat it
And beat it
And strip it
I'm caring
I'm killing
I'm willing
I'm sharing
I'm drowning
I'm killing
I need it
I want it
I take it

I'm coming for Mrs
If you give me a chance
I want to tell you everything
That I can't understand