Sammy Adams
On & On (Remix)
[Hook: Conrad & Mike Stud]
It goes on and on, goes on and on, yeah
'Till the early morning
It goes on and on 'till the crack of dawn
Don't stop the party
We could do this all night long
Got girls in the living room getting it on, yeah
Do this all night long
Got girls in the living room getting it on, yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, getting it on (x2)

[Verse 1: Mike Stud]
I said "ooh, girl I like that"
We should take it right back for a nightcap
I'm tryna get you to my house yeah, on the couch yeah
Know what I'm about yeah, girl I'm out here yeah
Got these girls all on me
Blowing up my phone cause I got that bomb D
Round one, round two, maybe round three
Kill that pussy, bring it back like a zombie

I'm down for anything
Hard day, never play like I'm second string
And it go on and on and on and on
And don't stop 'till the morning
Girl, we going in - let's go

[Verse 2: Huey Mack]
Ah! I'm young Hue
Got a bitch so mean call her Ms. Scrooge
At the telly by the pool with the nice view
In the right mood, got a new 10, like the chains moved
Seven shots, eight shots, nine shots deep
Running shit and I ain't never been an athlete
So many shots, think I pack heat
Call the Uber up and we can pregame in the back seat
Party out in Malibu
You know I stay with three hoes like Santa do
Couple more coming through
And we got plenty of booze
Shit a movie like the type you see up on RedTube


[Bridge: Mike Stud] (x4)
There's way too many bitches
Way too many, way too many bitches in here

[Verse 3: Sammy Adams]
Yeah, yeah
Same kid, watch your language
Actin' brand new, Spring break, who you hang wit'
Got some jet skis in the bathtub
Jets shooting backwards while I'm getting back rubs
So act up!
Roll from Bost' to Cancun
No stage 'round her unless she playing at you
No love, spring break 'round here, so bueno
Shout out to Mikey for making this dinero
[Bridge 2: Sammy Adams]
You know we so on right now
No we ain't going home right now
You know we so on right now
On and on and on