Saul Williams
OTL 71: Saul Williams Excerpt #1 “Assata Shakur”
Saul Williams: He felt a true compa**ion for his community, for the country. What's crazy is that, you know, Pac as someone whose parents were directly labeled "terrorists" by the American government, whose aunt is still labeled a terrorist is on the most wanted list, A**ata Shakur...

SameOldShawn: Right, it's still political football

Saul Williams: It's still political football right now, it's still that bullsh*t of the state of New Jersey, you know, making sure that they raised the bounty up to two million dollars for her, and she's in political asylum in Cuba for a crime that it was practically impossible for her to commit. She supposedly shot a police officer after she had already been shot two times underneath each arm and then she lifted up a gun and shot this cop? Ok. Ok. When is the FBI going to admit to how much intelligence they've thwarted in this country? You know? When is our own government going to admit to that? Until then, I would say, f**k turning every cheek. Go at them. You know what I'm saying. I was so glad to see that the CIA and the FBI and the Defense Department started Twitter handles, you know. I sent them f**king Public Enemy videos, I sent them Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, like "Yo, check it out." You know what I'm saying, it's nice to have a way to reach out to them. Because it's no joke!