Street Music
I only got, one thing to say
I only, sing for my people who be strugglin' like everyday
(Street music, shit ain't sweet music)

[Verse 1]
Stand on my own feet no matter what happens
My struggle 'a grown me to a man, man
Kill you on your own beat with this rap thing
And I still hate the police with a passion
So, raise your glasses, stomp your feet
I ain't askin' - Do it if you're hungry
This that, street music, don't get it confused
You know you thought it was, but shit ain't sweet, stupid
Uncivilized and I'm drunk as, shit
So tell the DJ to bump that, shit
If your girl screamin' and yellin' turnin' your evenin' to hell
Then I'm tellin' you may need to dump that bitch
How many times have I told you I don't play
Disrespect me, okay, it goes both ways
Comin' from the land where the sky's so grey
Runnin' with my plans, cause that's what my mom told me

I only got, one thing to say
Y'all need to bump this shit until yo' speakers blow away
(Street music, shit ain't sweet music)
I only got, one thing to say
I only sing for my people who be struggling like every day
(Street music, shit ain't sweet music)
[Verse 2]
Shit ain't gonna be moving without blood, sweat and tears
12 years I been on the bud and the beer
So keep it coming before my buzz disappears
Chi-chi man ain't getting no love up in here
You need to pay attention, and shut yo' little mouth when my name is mentioned
Worrying about tomorrow ain't my way of thinking
I'm'a do what I do, Red ain't regretting
Now Helsinki, that's where I'm born, where I roam, where I bone
But I've been around like a vagabond, where I lay my hat is home
Man, I'm known from the catacombs deep inna Babylon to the Amazon
Get out yo' seat quick, haters can eat a dick
Believe the, kid, now swing around 'till you seasick
Life can be a mean bitch, it's a known fact
But Red's shit's like popping Prozac
I grew up in the midst of a snowstorm
I ain't a gangster, but I can make some phone calls
I do it for my single baby mamas
And the kids in school with behavior problems
So get yo' hands up if you hate yo' job
And you scheme on the side, one day at a time
Gold spoon motherfuckers, won't waste yo' time
Street, street music 'till the day I die