Let me go
Let me go...

Watching the grey world from my window seat
Can't breathe, eat or sleep, walls closing in on me
City life a got my head inna guillotine
Shitty life, I'm hooked on alcohol and nicotine
Too many nights I'm wide awake while the city sleeps
On the city streets we pass each other but we don't meet
Ghost town epidemy, folks act like enemies
Though everybody just wanna live in peace
This place killing my nerves
Got me feeling I'm cursed
So forever I search for my own Heaven on Earth
A place where I'm sipping my beer without ever getting disturbed
Where the women in skirts showing they feminine curves
I need to get away type quick
Find a better place
And celebrate life's gifts
Now hit my peace pipe
All I see is green lights
And I don't wanna know where I sleep tonight
Now let me go