Tiara Thomas
She Bad
Time Alone

[Verse 1]
She never made love, always paid for, her own sh*t (own sh*t)
She so bad and she knows it (knows it)
Not bad meaning bad, bad meaning sexy
She drinking purp wearing yellow, call that Lisa Leslie
Get that spark everytime we in the bedsheet
Good girls like missionary, bad girls like military
I'll be your drill sargeant, girl come on and let me show you a thing or two
Looking picture perfect and I'm trying to knock your framing loose
You and friends hop on this d**k like some f**kin kangaroos
F**k you like demon then I drink all of your angel juice
I know you like that
So bring it right back

[Verse 2]
She don't think she look as good as I say she do
But everybody has some flaws, that's just something you can't remove
But baby you looking perfect
Love how you let yo thong show on purpose
Never let a man call ya worthless
Give you that good d**k cause you deserve it
Blow my mind like a circuit
Kill the pu**y, yes I murk it
And I'm f**k boy allergic
So f**k fakes, and f**k feds
I'm on top my game like a bunk bed
My b*t*h got big t**ties, yo b*t*h gotta sunk chest
Drank 6 spade bottles, sh*t ain't' even drunk yet
I'm trying to get turned up
Trying to see what shorty doing with that firm b***
Do you like it when I spank it?
Pu**y like a fountain and I just wanna drank it
She know them other dudes ain't sh*t, so they can't hit
She wear Adidas shoes cause she know that's my sh*t
I call her my b*t*h, she call me her guy
Best I ever had, she in the first five
Young Stoney motherf**ker!