Lyrics Born
Top Qualified
Fire up the hit
We gona say it - say it
Do it - do it
Make it good
Top qualified
Top qualified
Top qualified
Yeah we top qualified

[Verse 1: Aceyalone]
It all started when I
Took it and hit it then
Hip Hop had never been the same
Soon as we hit the limit
I was bound to get in it for the crown
Glory storyboard euphoria
Choreograph the laughter master editorial
Guider glider provider book writer
Making you tighter outsider strider
Who made the pied-piper sniper into fighter
Cryogenically frozen b-boy posing
Trapped in a capsule wrapped so brilliantly
This captain one-man wrap show broken axle
They thaw me out and stall me out
They brought me out for a reason
They call me out for this particular task
Don't ask just know
Brains and brawn the game of pawns
Remaining calm against a gang of cons
I came & gone in the wind like dust
And bust again combustible pen
We all gotta dig down deep within
And defend this front-line
I want mine to resemble the coming of a new day
Top qualified bonafide signified n***afied dignified
MCs of CA (of California)
[Verse 2: Lyrics Born]
Probably the only time in history
Y'all gone find this caliber MC
Poll'n on one track it's risky
Ollly - oxen - free! Ooh the possibilities
My soliloquy on this industry
We make records and y'all make Wham - O - Frisbees
Catch it dog!
Lyrically we hard for y'all to pick up on
For us this is stock delivery
Caught y'all off guard!
Crept up on y'all didn't we?
Y'all out shopping putting lots of dollars
In other people's pockets
Not talking about nothing honest positive or otherwise interesting
That's why when y'all fall off
And y'all want us to drop that extra dime
Inside the empty carton of Haagen Dasz ain't no sympathy
Cause the jewels that we drop are the most flawless rocks
On the periodic charts period honest to God end of story
Put simply we the new trinity times two
Ooh Jiminy Crickets look who's with me
We too deadly we the new symphony uh!
Another victory

[Verse 3: Abstract Rude]
We more GabStracter
Than many a wack rapper
That wanna be tough acting
But really they fudgepackers give 'em
Service rendered we hurt a pretender
Urban music defender
And murder you to the end of the track rip 'em
I'm back wit 'em we got 'em back peddling that did it
Stract's settling what was past due from last credit
You couldn't win with all the raffle tickets Ab said it
You can take it to heart
I'll break you apart & always hit my mark
With the state of the art edition
We're finishing what we start
In L.A. it's raw they etch 'em
With an outlining in chalk
For the Haiku rhyme we're making
Word to the Quanuum verb we're conjugating
Styles illuminate to form a California constellation

This is that heat they warned ya' of
Double duals the 450 revvin' on
Cast iron & 10's what the oven's on
High it's a blazing light & the fire's right here
[Verse 4: Lateef]
We're killing it, you feeling it?
You're chilling huh?
Got that most evident FM equivalent
Of that propagandic frequency top billing it
We stealing it multi syllabic kenpo action
That will snatch that mic up outta your hands
And smack you umpteen million times for asking
Consider it - before you utter even a little bit
Of rhetoric outta ya lips about whether or not
This or that coast is the better
This sh*t obliterates any compet**ion
And makes them all look illiterate
You will lose like the confederates
Never will we let them shackles the wrists
Of the fists of mighty men that hold
The gift of life and death
To breathe life in again they too repet**ive
In the hands of the wrong man it's like a sedative
But we will hold the device right
Infuse with life and let it live again


[Verse 5: Myka 9]
Style one
Knowledge of spoken words and drums heard
From stereo ca**ette tapes material early new wave
Style two
Wisdom of working sound systems
Demos over breakbeat instrumentals listening to KDAY hits
Style three
Overstanding me as an MC
Parakeeted by every thief that ever breathed
I carry secrets on each leech
Style four
Culture has emerged from urban to suburbia turf wars
Battlezoids receive ulcers
Style five
Power to survive the onslaught of heinous jive talk
I've stalked over bloody sidewalks live
Style six
Equality opportunity server to any word nerd version that fits
And taking my first weed hits
Style seven
God bless the child whose got his own
Rhyme zone time tone touch and savvy swagger together
Style eight
Build up more business bargains with jargon and video stardom
Haikulicious Myka
Style 9

[Verse 6: Gift of Gab]
"G" be me, he be freely seeking these frequencies releasing
Peaking reeking thinking so deeply deleting these delinquent
Eenie meanie tiny toddler rappers sergeant master
Author blastin' cause disasters falling faster in the zone - stop!
QP Fellowship elitely keep the e-m in emceeing
Flee to realms distinguishing the things that bring
Our beams are gleaming cream your team we deem supreme
It seems the keen-ness keeps ya screaming
Means we think & dream free streaming ahead of the flock - stop!
Fiending meaning leave you steaming
Seaving weaving teasing these emcees we seasoned
Easily believe and see the reason we got keys to kingdoms
Seize and freeze ya please believe or please get these
Our steeze is cool as breezes we like Jesus when He walks - stop!
PS no BS like ESP let's see where styles take us to see ya
Cuz we out for eons through chaos we free ourselves be ourselves
Stay out there way out there traveling through thought