Lyrics Born
Jet Lag (Remix)
[Verse 1: Lyricks}
Take the seat back
I'mma play this back for you like a recap
Yeah she smiled while pouring my apple juice, man I peeped that
And she gave me towels, earplugs to use, I'mma keep that
And we got the Born with the Yamazawa with like G stats
Spin the globe and then point, that's my next one
Landlord thinks I'm selling soy, cause I've payed for the next month
Airport security knows your boy outta respect son
They let me stand in precheck, and call me KR and S One, One
And my roommates forgot my face
Clothes smell like another coast
And my pants smell like whats her name
I don't f**k with the stand-bys
Flown to see these suit dumpers in Shanghai

[Verse 2: JL]
JL don't stand for jet lag, now it's just landed
It's not a case of where in the world now, but it's what planet
5-star talent needs accommodations to match
Fly to Asia to party, then we fly to Vegas to rap
That's all in a days work now
I touch down so often, like I'm not playing for first downs
Stay in planes so often, I ponder how planes work now
Fans all raise hands, and I fall in em face first now
And pray it works out, uh
Frequent flyer miles piling up
I fall deep into a slumber from the sound of engines firing up
I get beverage service quarter hourly
And all the airlines already know I always prefer the aisle seat
[Verse 3: Lyrics Born]
Lyrics Born
First Asian rapper to make 10 albums in the history of American showbiz
Don't trip, I'm over it
I ain't waiting to die for you to recognize
Motherf**ker I want my roses