Lyrics Born
Guard the Fort (Radio Edit)
...(my) turn to the guard the fort ready for combat...

You thought I was gone but I'm back
Begin to (count the) elements way beyond rap
I'm in to take first watch and I'm strapped
The swords are drawn and odds are stacked
And we clash the impacts a thunderous clap
Calm demeanor
Even though we go under attack

[Part 1]
The darker the shade the sharper the blade
Thoughts the parades walk on (birth day)
And walking (in vain)
My (path) is displays the walks of a slave
Dark days the carpet is laid for the prophets of rage
(We're called all) arrogant narrow-gazed and clench fists
Breaking down barriers barricades and fences
Perimeter (so you and the verse run in convinces )
Against the (end) fuel the first line of defense is
I'm in weapon mode this episode
(New in the rip in the) old ethics and yes it shows
If you neglected the principles methods and the goals
May your (pores) close and you swell up until your flesh explodes
Phenomenal dropping (the pocket flows)
(Creeping) the stoppable I keep it rocking until the shop is closed
And whether physical audio or optical
The impact of the four guardians got the drop on you

[Part 2]
Last samurai named Shimmerer has arrived with a fat sack of lie
(arrogara and a bye) uh-uh
I don't fraternize with the ranking file
Ever drop a gasp for a General such as myself
That's sabotage!
If it smokes it (ropes) befitting of my t**le
In Rome the (emperor) a metaphor
The monarch a pop art
My cavalry of better men traveling west
My family quest displayed prominently flapping in the wind
I lead an Armada overseas (or for God or) than believe
In one mantra; peace, love, and honor
Ten thousand katanas separate your spinal (column)
From your teeth to your medulla oblongata and your wallet
Recording ten albums all off of performance enhancers
Therefore all my records have an asterisk(*)
Lyrics (form) swinging scimitars like a savage
Take an arm, take a leg, take a knee-like cap (in there)


[Part 3]
Blast arm all cylinders cast off all (doubt hormonal) villagers
Your (my) women like come out (till of this)
Come out these males records just slithering
Flying in the image of talentless ignorance
Spasms with a sense of (fast hand) that's feminine
Nothing sounds genuine mumbling and mimicking
In the jagged rhythm inject a little skill in them
And keep on killing them until that feeling inside's back
Though it (seems) overwhelming don't get sidetracked
Find that timeless energy and side blast
We'll be here forever while they (pave) the way time pa**es
Little whizz of that slithering critters (cast)
Spills on his knees like the lyrical wizard I am
'Til we defeat them in hiphop (and zill) again
I will stand hold my fort and guard the fort till the end