Power 106 Freestyle
[Verse 1: Big Boy]
One thing that makes me mad is when people get foolish
On Halloween, people start to feel like they're kinda ghoulish
Comin' into my face, sayin' "Hey can I get a picture?
Can I get a picture of you and your son?" and I say "Hold on, I don't want one"
Step back, get away, give me my space
Wait, give me my space, because I may Chris Brown you and punch you dead in your motherfuckin' face
Because I don't like people comin' into my category, into my area
Because they cause mass hysteria
It gets scarier, or should I say it's scary
Because I can hit high notes, kick in your nuts like Mariah Carey
And that's the way it is, so those things make me mad
When my momma passed away, that was the thing that made Big Boy really sad
We're talkin' about mad, we're talkin' 'bout gettin' frustrated
We're talkin' about before me and my girl got married, before we dated
We're talkin' about when people say things about my momma or my family
You can't do that to me, because you can't trust me
Now I'm Ida's son, Keith's brother, Sheila's brother, Kenny's brother
Sharell's brother, Nicole's brother, Sharnice's brother, a whole lot of brothers
But anyway, let me get back on topic
That's the way it is when I kick freestyles, let me stop it
So Kanye, you're here
What makes you mad? Make it clear
I'm fallin' off, let me put my shoes back on, let me tie 'em up
Kanye, here you go, brother, could you please fill up our cup?

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Uh, I guess I get mad when you get boxed in
So mad, you wanna start boxin'
So mad, you're gonna turn to Tyson
Slicin' and dicin'
Paparazzi, I'm like a nazi to 'em
I'm not Bill Cosby to 'em
And I ain't Bing Crosby
More like the next Sinatra to 'em
Uh, ayo I got to ruin
The image and the style that you're used to doin'
When people usually do music
I am a visionary, Christian soldier, don't confuse it
Ayo, before I lose it, and have to prove it
This the way that we gon' do it, time we gotta move it to the future
Any way that suit yah
Don't shoot yah
Stop the violence and it's been stopped
Uh, we stopped the violence in the hip-hop
Uh, we stopped the hatin' and the degredation
Uh, we 'bout to build like one nation
Uh, got off the phone with Benjamin Carson
Uh, that's the next president, arson
Burn it down, burn Hollywood, burn, like Ice Cube said
Uh, I'm the rudest
Lot of people say that, cause they say Ye don't play that
They be off that Grey Goose, I be off that Ye juice
Uh, that's the way I stay loose
Confidence and esteem, American dream
Uh, my crib spacial
Uh, my relationship is interracial
[Verse 3: Big Boy]
You can't categorize me, you can't put me in a box
I'm the ox that rocks, bagels and locks
Learn what you're eatin', learn the menu
Cause I continue to send freestyles through your denu
Or should I say I dim you, down like a lightswitch
That's the way it is, Big Boy, you know I'm not a yitch
I gotta go 'head and censor myself
And if you look into my pocket, I'm a little bit of wealth
But anyway, Ida's son, the real McCoy
Ida's son, the homies, they call me Big Boy
Yesterday, today, [?]
I had to drop 7-10 cause it's Kanye West day
In the neighborhood, Power 106, it's all good
That's the way it is, I think you should
Let me get back on, because I'm fallin' off again
Let me kick my volume way past 10
'Because it's Ida's son, the B-I-G
Big Boy's in the house, in the place to be
I don't know why I'm saying these old simple last rhymes
But anyway, I'm Kickin back with some friends of mine
That's louis, E-man, and Kanye, Can't Forget Ricky
That's the man that's on the microphone
Thats the man thats on the turntables, Willing and able
[Verse 4: Kanye West]
I don't where to start, I don't where to start
Maybe the chart, maybe the heart
Maybe the, Maybe the flow
Maybe the ’Go, where i was grow
Where I grew up in, Where you could see
When my momma divorced my daddy and we moved down [?]
When we was three, in the cold
Straight from Chicago, where I go
And everybody know
From my homie Don C, I be eh
Ay yo, like IBM
Or Apple Steve Jobs, or this
Yeah, I'm on my job with this
Ay yo its very very simple
You heard me on Jimmy Kimmel
I can do it in every tempo, I use my temple
I wanna build a temple, I wanna build Churches
That could be as big as the Adams Family, where it lurches
Ay yo, this is not a circus
The zoo is closed motherfucker
Ay yo, it ain't no
No cursing in the versing, what you know is not perfect
And you know its still worth it
I might short circuit
I might just blackout
Hit you with that blakka, you know I'm the rocker
Number one Chief rocker, Number one Chief rocker
Ain't nobody gon' stop em', ain't nobody gon' stop us because
I got God on my side, thats the way I ride
Jesus Christ
Yeezus Christ
Yeezus nice