It Appears
Is this thing on?
It's on?
Let me know when you want me to stop

[Verse 1]
Rifle in the left hand, gospel in the other
Sisters in the front seat, I'm back with my brothers
I can go farther if I'm guided by the mother
Whatever level rappers on, KRS is on another
This that raw Emceein' you don't want none of
Blastmaster KRS-One-uh
Original boom bap beats with just the drummer
Seems like people nowadays is getting dumber
They don't see they're getting older, not younger
So I split the Stevie and make them all wonder
I come with than Donna Donna every summer
They want the high ground, me? I want the under
Rhyme books, rap hooks, I got a ton of them
But here's just one more of them
Now you're about to hear the style of someone who has mastered this
Now it's time to show you what boom-boom-boom-boom-boom bappin' is
This that '86, but from Gecko, we coming back again
Showing you the difference between what MC'ing and rap again
Many have attempted and wrecked it, this very style I spit
Peace to them but you are now hearing the very off the tech
When it comes to music, good music, I'm all on top of it
Criminal Minded, you can find it with Scott LaRock and it
This mix drive, you have to get
You must have forgot what real Hiphop can get
I haven't stole a topic yet, or a beat
I don't get cash every week, I get cash when I speak
I throw it out anywhere, like trash in a street
I spaz on these beats, see the passionate heat
Entrepreneur, I'm not asking to eat
I'm off to Geneva, I'll be back in a week
All through the years, in the end ?

[Verse 2]
Me stopping with hip-hop
That's like MJ no longer being regarded as the king of pop
You're thinking of the commercial flop could make me stop
20 years in this game, I ain't aiming for the top
I stay up in that underground cozy spot
That in-cognito nobody knows me spot
Most MC's rhyme but don't know their plot
Maxing out their credit 'til their bank closes shut
You went from holding jewels to holding a mop
From talking about, "Don't snitch," now you roll with a cop
It's like you erased your mind and forgot
What the founding fathers truly saw posses ? with Hiphop
We're screaming back to the ? knowledge, culture, and overstanding
While beats are slamming and the people are jamming
Sick of all these talentless hustlers scamming creating mental famine
Don't you think it's time we re-examine?
Let them know what the truth and the facts is
That the game nowadays is manipulated by masonist blue-collared fascists
Marketing schemes is controlling the scene
Fiends for the green, I'm just a man trapped in a machine

[Hook x2]