Yung Chris
Otis Freestyle
Jyea! Hey It's a lot of versions free
Yea its a lot of versions but they virgins
We been doin this
N***as can't do us tho
Only we can do us
Cause you know how we do
Better yet they know how we do

Yung Chris, Freezer!

I made the big beard famous
Sprite tour, Roc the Mic tour
Shutting down stages
I gotta kill witnesses, cause free beard sticking out
Been the wonder and I came to put my thing down
And all these other beards in the game now?
If they ever try to try me, I'll buck em
John Muhammad, Lee Malvo bucking from the roof

[Yung Chris]
Damn Gunna and Free, where the hell ya been
Hear Jay left n***as out suffering
We still f**king with Hov, you let the other men
If n***as feel some type of way, f**k it then
If you ain't gonna swallow then suck it then
I adopted these n***a's gimme my government
It's only one Young Chris dont ask me about this dud again
Throw ya diamonds up, slash division 1, we up again
Fresh! Beard looking like Osama
Gonna f**k around and call Obama on myself
Call the doctor, call your honor, get a locker for 'em
At the city morgue I'm guaranteed to squeeze the lama on'em
Take it overboard, drop em off at richard island
Pick em back up
Take'em to the plank throw them overboard
Heater bout to meet him hope he know the lord
Guarenteed body
This a ________ ?

[Young Chris]
Gwen Stefani
This clip is bananas
Catch a homie and let the lawyer finish the rest
Putt'em on your head you'll be dead
A minute or less
Flagrant fouls start with fights
We finish with techs
Frank Ocean to the smokers
Cocain on the tongue
Got it potent for the smokers
N***as thought it was over fiends love that joey crack
Supply the hill with the coca
We pray to Allah we dont know why yall aren't
Far as spittin I will eat you rappers ?Allah ____?
Far as shootin I will squeeze and leave the ?Allah Spark?
Breech code cheech this is how yall ?part?
I never rat I never spoil I never snitch or take the stand
I'm a diamond in the rough like Alicia on a baby grand

(In unison with Otis Redding sample)
Squeeze her
I'm freeza
Never leave you
I'm done

[Young Chris]
Rico gave me a shot b*t*h I told you
Back in the game yall, lock out is over
Expose the straight bomb on you soldiers
Comin for the throne n***a
Shout to yeezy and Hova
Start if you want Mariana
See ya the closer
I'll approach ya with that toasta
I hold her closer.....

(In unison with Otis Redding Sample)
I squeeze her
I won't tease her
B*t*h I leave ya