Buck 65
Kill the Crow
Transcribed by Etze, Jimmy Dyna, and onesecbeforetheend!

Sage Francis:
Language is temporary, symbols are permanent
Pain could be an adversary if you learn from it
The grid that we operate within is dependent
On a finite amount of space and time limit
You can slip in and out of these dimensions
Not without falling to temptation when it beckons
And when that happens, previous lessons go out the window
The nothingness of this is the blistering cold, the big O
Enjoy it while you’re in it
The circle will soon have no room for the cynics
Play with maybes, questioning the truth from a distance fading[?]
Get your hands dirty and then lose the digits
A**urance supplies to the superficial
If you can’t beat the system, use it just to live a little
Kingdom come, Kingdom go
Rock the cradle with the riddle that kills the crow. Let go?

Metermaids 1:
Not for nothing
But ain’t no heroes on the street after three in the morning
And four o’ clock is crushing
I’ve seen a man lose a fight to a streetlight
I’ve seen another man shot for bluffing
Call it tough loving, to get here is easy-easy
Pack a warm jacket and a good book of matches
The lord holds a place for the crooks and addicts
But don’t look when you pa** it
Please, believe me!
If you sit long enough in the same place eventually
They’ll come build the scaffolding around you
The windows air-tight, the door double bolted
The walls insulated and soundproof
See, Maria, I miss you in every single sip
Sometimes the burn feels kinda like it’s drilling a hole
I tail-heads, keep your thought in your change
All I need is a handful of rocks so I can kill the crow
Let’s go

Dear diary, my words may appear fiery
Subject expiry and republic inquiry
Snakes and scorpions, sharks and (bangles?)
Athletes and predators versus Marx and Engels
Working the angles of Keynes and Althusser
The driest of dry land, dark thoughts and mal de mer
Is there a cause for this scissors and claws?
I read Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz
I’m under the weight of the world, my aching strife
Wondering like the blind man through my waking life
Stealing your ideas, eating your cereal
Between the lines of the reading material
Misunderstanding, perversion, translation
Kicked out of college, knowledge is damnation
Armed with a gun, fooled them all and charmed none
Alarm goes off, kill the crow, no harm done
Metermaids 2:
Clear a path for the cut throat
Fill the aisleways, mezzanine, front row
Sneak into the back toward the gun show
This pretty little city looks so sh*tty when you’re up-close
Colourblind, only seeing shades of grey
Walking target, bull’s eye, playing safe
Glazed face, hangover, staring razorblades
I can feel them watching, two weeks straight I stayed awake
Made mistakes, bleeding hearts are broken up
Keep my balance with these bandaged hands and open cuts
If these feet could talk, got some things to tell
Rolling stone, anywhere I lay my head's my piece of hell
Put it back together when the rubble’s clear
Can't remember how I got here, tryna fill the holes
Feeling like it’s gonna be a hundred years
Levying[?] broken bottles in the air trying to kill the crow