Buck 65
Gates Of Hell
[Verse 1]
Now I’m feeling devilish
Soon we’re going to settle this. Revel with the specialist
Several fish swam in the unprotected waters
Fire that swallowed the sun and rejected daughters
Armed to the teeth, we’ll fight ‘em on the beaches
We’ll know we’ve found the perfect beat when everyone is speechless
For starters, dispute with martyrs wearing suits of armor
Listen... It gets harder
Living beyond the pale
I should have been given a ride out of town on a rail
We should have climbed the summit. Instead, we collide and plummet
It’s a bad looking earth and this is me hiding from it
Can’t translate the language of a man escaped
I paint with mascara tears - portraits and landscapes
Beginning to inspire the sky to spin to my chagrin
Again and again and again...
Open the gates of hell


[Verse 2]
I tried to take my own life and almost got away with it
Paid a delayed visit. Decided to stay vivid
Here I am crooning. Universe parallel
Mannequin factory. Student-nurse carousel
Giant surprises on your miniature birthday
I administer first aid to a sinister mermaid
Post-frequent. Showing off my most recent acquisition
Wearing two gloves and true love is an apparition
Flying across the Atlantic and back
Fighting off demons and panic attacks
Waiting impatient, the blood color will come
Feeling the beat as if your skull were a drum
Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with a pesky rhythm
After the ma**acre, laughter with sexy women
Music you can feel, but also can taste and smell
Brace yourself. Let’s open the gates of Hell