Trick or Threat
Late at night, on Halloween
Tom and Edd were fast asleep
While Matt watched TV, and ate some sweets
A little girl knocked, and said, “Trick or treat!”

Matt slammed the door and took a seat
But suddenly, the girl was on the screen
The lights flickered, this wasn’t a dream
She leapt at him and Matt screamed!

Edd ran out to save Matt’s life
Matt was gone…but now he had a knife!
Matt swung, and Edd fell to his knees
He looked at him and began to plead

“What happened Matt? Have you gone insane?”
“I can’t help it, Edd! She’s inside my brain!”
Matt plunged the knife right into Edd
But it hit Edd’s lucky can instead

Edd ran off found a place to hide
Matt couldn’t find him even though he tried
Edd felt like he was in the clear
Until he saw her eyes, and screamed in fear

Matt rushed over and opened the door
And Edd jumped out with a furious roar
They both fought so savagely
That the little girl clapped her hands with glee
Tom burst in, they stopped in surprise
“I’m trying to sleep! C’mon knock it off, guys!”
She stared at Tom with an evil grin
But her powers had no effect on him

So Tom kicked her out the door
And said “Don’t come back anymore!”

The curse on Edd and Matt was gone
So they both turned and looked at Tom
“Why couldn’t she possess your mind?”
“You can’t possess something twice.”