Fortnite Rap Battle Royale
[Intro: Dan Bull]
I should grab a hundred content creators from near and far
Put 'em on a track, call it a "Rap Battle Royale"
In fact, I'm actually going to go and do that

[Dan Bull]
'Kay, I'm back, and I've made a few calls
Made a track that will break a few rules
Never mind Marvel, this could be
The most ambitious crossover event in history
Fighting for the title are a hundred different faces
Some of us are great at this and some of us are failures
Some are total strangers, some will be your favorites
But only one of us is HowToBasic

It's a bird, it's a plane
The sky's gonna fall
Psych! I'm Mary Poppins, y'all

Parachute down no time to waste
Head straight for the bushes (Quick)
Dreaming of the gun that I can't locate
So instead I get bludgeoned (Uhuh)
I landed in Tilted Towers
The cowards shot me in the ass, directly in the trousers

I'm in Tilted Towers and like Austin Powers
I bang everyone for hours, golden bullet showers

Standing right in the landing site
Popping shots off at anybody rambling by

[Baron Samedi]
I'm in the zone, looking for a spot to hide
When I was sniped by a guy on a drive-by rocket ride

Caught in a storm and I'm running away
I never should have landed here in Flush Factory

[Dooley Noted]
I'm swinging through the rooftop without any pause
Like a full on criminal version of Santa Claus

[Ricky Berwick]
I play Fortnite with my eyes
I play Fortnite with my chin
I play Fortnite with my cheeks
I play Fortnite with my teeth
[JT Music]
Hey man, got a gun for me?
God damn, ain't gonna give you one for free
Can't you lend a bandage or potion to me?
Crazy, I babysit everyone with me

[George Bull]
*Baby babbling*

You won't find me when I hide in the trees
'Til I leap up high, get sniped in the knees

Can't handle the heat? Get out the pub, G
I'll serve you like a battle royale with cheese

I don't really play Fortnite, you see
Personally, I prefer PUBG

[Mega Ran]
Drop on the map then I plot my attack
Strapped with a rocket attached, I am not full of crap
I'ma pop me a cap then build like Frank Lloyd Wright
Hopped up on crack
[Kanhanga SportRap]
O king do sportrap, to na track
Selvagem como leão, bro respect
O mundo em conexão, click clack
Canal em explosão, B. Black

In this game you can never relax (Never relax, never relax)
That's why we rap on the heaviest tracks

Fuck crafting, I never craft
If you craft, you're a daft lad
Don't make me laugh, dad
All I need is guns, rat-tat-tatta-tat-tat
Try to keep up, granddad
God, I'm a badass

Rushea a tu gusto pero ten algo de cura
Que ni tendiendo un arbusto pero ten algo de cura

No podrás contra mi fuego ni mi nabilidad
Pedirás ayuda pero no tendré piedad

Tried to use a bandage as a band aid
But I got mixed up and it was a grenade

[Lindsay Jones]
Well, I'm new to Fortnite and I'm excited to play
But when I type "LFG," they reply "Go away"

[Kim Dotcom]
Modern Warfare had fifteen mil'
I was number one, so you'll be easy to kill

Can't land shots but I know how to build
Gonna stay in here 'til the rest get killed

Gold SCAR make them ladies wet
Higher than a launch pad, not a dang regret

[Gameboy Jones]
Did a rocket ride and seen these cowards fled
But then I fell too high, so now I'm dead

Grabbed some coffee whilst I wait for the game to boot
But now I'm dead and shoot, they saw the good loot

[Leigh Beadon]
Find my spot, scope's on you
Line up shot, fall off roof

Meu time chegou agora
Vamos detonar é hora
Somos os melhores pegando cada abate
No topo do topo, vencendo no Fortnite

[Canal Raplay]
Armado até o pescoço, eu vou descarregar o pente
Parlay dando headshot, gringo não fica contente

Voy arrasando como un ciclón
Destrozando todo escuadrón

Vente compadre, ya no hay nadie que me pare
Cuando comienza la party se me ponen a bailar
Todo el mundo mira con las manitas arriba
Como me corono el rey del battle royale

[Enrique Rubio]
Empieza la batalla, hay que tener agallas
Salto en pisos picados a matar como cabrón
Soy el peque y tengo que dar la talla para
Matar a todos y quedar el fucking campeón

[Yuri Black]
Click, boom, você caiu no chão
Click, clack, sou foco na missão
Yuri Black, grave o nome eu sou pressão
Comigo na batalhe vai direto pro caixão

Um battle royale em evolução
Matar todo mundo e fazer contrução

[DK Zoom]
Mais oponestes que cairam só eu no fim restou
É pouca fala e muita bala é meu estilo, plow

[Iker Plan]
Tras la tormenta todos los que quedan se ponen a llorar
¡Que solo puede quedar uno! ¡No te mientas!
Esto es un todo o nada dejo sin aliento a cualouiera
Desde mi rampa tú sigues dando vueltas
No puedes esconderte aquí tu destino es la muerte
Nací preparado para ¡Fornite! pírate
Tengo todos los tesoros y las armas
Que tú buscas te mato de frente
¡Boom! Mira mi nivel

Walls, walls, got no balls
But just like Trump, I'm building walls

Hi, I'm Dave from Boyinaband
Now I'm dead, Duckety Duck

With Young Thug drinking a Chug Jug
We found a chest in the back of a dump truck

[Gizzy Gazza]
Trying to avoid every shotgun pop
I build a big wall like I'm Donald Trump

[Xiao Rishu]
I'm coming through with my mini-gun, gun
Dum-diddy-dum diddy-diddy dum-dum


Gunning for you, say your Ave Maria
With guns, grenades, an entire Ikea

[Chris Ray Gun]
I'm haphazardly running across the island
There's a firefight right on the horizon
And got a white revolver and I'm frightened
But look a bush, hey, perfect timing
Only safe place in the whole game
Do I feel shame? Hah, no way

[Iain Mannix]
I don't play nice, I do all the damage
Make our first night and give me a bandage

[Chris Ray Gun]
I'm the last man hiding in a hedge
'Cause I quite like to live life right on the edge

[Aaron Fraser-Nash]
I like living on the edge, quite literally
I've been camped by the storm as shrubbery

[Divide Music]
You see me walking inside a dank shrubbery

I'm about to get in the middle of Lucky Landing
Hit them with a wiggle, they giggling when I'm dancing
Swivelling and jiggle my booty, it never stop
'Til the C4 blows and the bodies go pop

See you building them stairs
When I shoot, you block
So I go to bust them down
With a smooth, smooth chop
Come around the way with that 22. Glock
Boom, boom, pop
Now I got that loot you dropped

[Professor Elemental]
I don't even need, like, any of the weapons
Just like a medkit and a bandage and a stone
I can win a battle royale with no weapons
All I need is a bandage to smash your whole head in

I missed the Raven Skin and now I'm crying
Slept on it too? Mufasa, you lying

[Nice Peter]
I'm throwing up new Stabs whenever you flex
I turn the battleground into a duplex

So who's next for a round in the head?
You're mine now bi-
Ah, dammit, I'm dead

Okay right, it's been five minutes
And I haven't found a gun, well I guess I'm finished

Triggering the explosive remote
Then I provoke you with a cheeky emote

Here lies B.C. dying on a hill
Never found one gun, never got one kill

[Oxygen Beats]
No B.C., are you like gone for real?
I'm undone, I'll just hide in this spot until

[The Living Tombstone]
When I spray at a rate, better pray hard
I'm The Living Tombstone, you're laying in a graveyard

Fresh Prince running man on your tombstone
The hardest working carpenter you know

Yo permanezco oculto en un arbusto, a gusto
Y espero al momento a justo a dar un susto brusco

I need help, I need more ordinance
But I don't know how to tell my co-ordinates

When I see your head, then I let the lead fly (Legendary!)
I don't need to hide
I'm a maniac but I keep control
I'mma roam with a gun for your booty hole

[Bth Games Music]
Tengo destreza mi don es bestial
Uso la técnica para liquidar
A todos aquellos que vienen de chulos
Son unos garrulos que voy a matar

Desdo lo alto voy irectamente a los juegos
Del hambre sin un escuadrón
Equipate el culo pienso matar uno por
Uno ocupand el francotirador

Agarro mi SCAR-L dorada, racargo y disparo
Balazo en tu frente
¡Te he dado!

[Isu RmX]
Mis rimas se arriman más que un buen disparo
Te ataco en sigilo con mucho descaro

Celebro bailando sobre tu cuerpo
La victoria es mía, ¡estad atentos!

[Nick J Henderson]
Wait, is this the right server?

Nada me para, ni balas lanzadas directamente de tu RPG
Quieren pararme y no saben que hacer
Saikore llega a salty empieza a correr

[Shao Dow]
Forget the guns, forget the parts
Forget the storm, I want to dance

It's not the winning, it's the taking part
But I spent my day spectating, ah

[Chad Wild Clay]
The game may be free to play
But Chad Wild Clay gonna make you pay
Gonna take a grenade that I got from Loot Lake
Gonna paint these walls with your brains

[The Stupendium]
Well, I got a few kills and it went to my head
So I check one text, look back and I'm dead, aw

Y no crees que en español es diferente
Corre, acopia, construye, y muere

Fa-fa-fa, baby
Yeah, I'm back, it's Tejbz
Fortnite is my jam, play with Ninja, chat spam

[Tay Zonday]
My fort's a ferrari, built by a genius

I'm not retarded, just a little bit Swedish

[Tay Zonday]
Drinking my shield juice, wait, grenade
I'm gonna die 'cause my buttons all hate me

Give me a golden sniper
You'll be crying to get a new diaper

[Tay Zonday]
So much wood, they cannot show it in theatres

[Rockit Gaming]
Pick up the sniper, shoot it through your head
A bullet flying past me, loot up 'cause you're dead
I've got one HP left, yeah, that's what I call getting tilted

[Elsie Lovelock]
Duck and roll quick 'cause I'm looking for cover
But was hit so much that I couldn't recover

Is that a quick scope? I'm not aiming for your ribs
Give me a SCAR, give me a trophy
I'm the boy who lived

Yo, it's SAV, I'm a noob on Fortnite
And it took me a fucking fortnight
To figure out what to do on Fortnite
These bastards shoot in a sword fight

[Akira the Don]
Tell the truth or at least don't lie (Akira)
I never played Fortnite

[Phan Ann]
Nhảy xuống ngôi nhà chạy vào bên trong
Giết hết tất cả rối núp vào bên hông
Tặng một điệu nhảy hắn bỊ hạ gục
Cầm khẩu scar bạn sẽ thấy nhào ảo thuật

[Oliver Age 24]
Truth is, I haven't even heard of Fortnite
But if Dan Bull says, "Collab?"
You say, "Alright"

I don't even know what Fortnite is
But it sounds like a bunch of lame kids having a slumber party
And building forts with the couch cushions
I'm just playing, it's a game with a bunch of lucky button pushers

Yo, snipe from my house on Loot Lake, you're injured
I'll be the one to shoot Drake with Ninja

[Andrew Huang]
Fortnite, been playing it for two weeks
Don't shoot me, my character's too weak

To leave you bleeding's my mission
In the Fatal Fields in the foetal position

Repping that John Wick, shooting like a lunatic
Better run for cover if you see me with the boomstick

Como una metralla que no falla en la batalla
Te dispara ratatata matando a los canallas
Contra mi fuege ni mi habilidad
Ayuda pero no tendré piedad

Entro en combate, armas prepraradas
Soy una sniper muy bien entrenada

[Ivangel Music]
Con la SCAR no me das no verás la skin del camara-da
Miedo mi escuadrón matando solo con granadas

Sniper calibrada
Vejo o vacilão na mira
Mais um pra conta
Menos um na partida

[Felicia Rock]
A minha mira é a certeza da garantida vitória
No final estou pe dé concretizando mina glória

[TK Raps]
Estilo sniper, mato meu opontnte a distancia
A espada afiada que corta sua arrogância

[TC Punters]
Eu cheguei pra vencer, você vai me entreter
Meu gatilho é veloz e ninguém pode prever

[Guuh A.S.C.]
Eu vou prevalecer
Você jamais irá vencer
Vem peitar o guuh asc
Se eu chego na batalha game over pra você

Better watch out when I come in for a push
Make your whole squad cry when I shush them with a bush

[Unit Lost]
You've been hit with a Brit spitfire
And I'm gonna get higher then I'll retire

Came bringin' pain and I came to reclaim
Make it rain in the game when I aim at your frame

[Zach Boucher]
Tracing back and forth, we're never lacking forts
Suggest running 'cause we're coming like the Eye of the Storm

Cut my way through a roof, fell three floors
Now I look like a flat Diana Dors

Full shields with a gold SCAR
And I'm in first place with only two bars

I get big chugs, she's got big jugs
She'll be slipping on my juices, call me Wailing Wood

Let me do a little dance for you as I reach out
Got me looking like crab walk as I bleed out

[Miracle of Sound]
Sneak up, you won't hear me coming round
You can call that a Miracle of Sound

My squad is blind to the drama
Yeah, we're gonna find all the Llamas

Look bitch, I'm not cheating, you're lagging
Stay and spectate as I bag 'em and tag 'em

[MC Lars]
Smashers, takers, blasters, flingers
Get the rocket in the middle finger

[The Slapdash Rapper]
Creep through, lethal, battle most regal
If I peep you, then it's sayonara, weeaboo

Entro en escena la verdad como una lunatico
Voy a esconderme ya veras yo juego tactico
Se nos cierra la tormenta tio pero no me achanta
Preparo los misiles, sora, salta

Surco el vaso mapa a lomos de este misil
¿Cientos contra mi? Mejor que sean mil
Este duo es imparable la victoria magistral
Vamos a chocar ¿mediyak? Medi AAAAAAAAH

I'll build a base that's so damn fine
It'll get featured on Grand Designs

What's that, Mom, dinner's ready?
Gotta run guys