Hey, Bobby
Play that one about falling down the stairs!
Sure thing, Johnny!
I love it!

So beautiful out here.
Yes, just me, you and the moon.
Hey! You two should kiss!

Sir, you appear to have a very severe case of...
Baby voice.
(Baby crying)

Hello, mine turtle.
*click* Oh.. *boom*

Hey man, do you wanna play some video games?
No man, you always beat me.
Tell no one!

Oh, ok...

Hey man, are you ever gonna run outa' muffins??
No. Cause' I work in a muffin factory.
I wonder if my pony can fly..

And now, ducks;
I was just about to say that!
Are you serious?
Oh, that's spooky.
We are so in sync!

Mommy, mommy! Look, a turtle!

Here, hold this.

I'm gonna punch you in the face!
But it's opposite day.
Oh nooooo! *smash*

Oh no. I am not stepping on you.
(llama screaming, crashing the car)

Do you ever get tired of being random?
Me neither.