Jimmy. Take out the dog.
Yes, mother.
*dog dies*
For a walk Jimmy...

It's a lovely day to walk down the road
And if I ever stop singing I will explode
Hey Steven!
What have you done? *boom*

Aw, what's his name?
His name is David.
Hello! I am David.

Can Susie come out to play?

Daaad, I'm Hungry!
Hi Hungry, I'm Dad!
Why did you name me this way?

You're gonna die!
We're all gonna die...

Ooh, a butterfly!
Honey, no!
She's mine now, John.

Are you hungry?
No, I'm crazy!


Excuse me, are you gonna' eat that?
*baby noise*
No... You can have it!
Thank you!

*phone rings*
I like trains...

*crowd cheers*
*louder cheering*

Honey, I'm pregnant! I can explain...

I think we should just be friends...
... Mother...
Ooh, I wonder what this does!
Oh, I'm gay now. Huh...

Hey! Wanna see an impression of my dad?
Haha! Comedy.