1 Man, 27 Impressions
[Narrator]: 1 Man, 27 Impressionz

[Narrator]: An English Man
[Tom]: Spot of tea? Give us your country.

[Narrator]: An American Man
[Tom]: 'Ay! I'm an American Man!

[Narrator]: A Chinese Man
[Tom]: Uh... 'Ay! I'm a Chinese Man!

[Narrator]: A Twitch streamer
[Tom]: Uh oh guys, time for stage three.

[Narrator]: A Twitch streamer with cancer
[Tom]: Uh oh guys, time for stage four, heh heh hmm

[Narrator]: Someone who thinks that the word duck starts with an F
[Tom}: Heh Heh, FDuck!

[Narrator]: A Sports announcer coming out a bisexual
[Tom]: Ladies, and Gentleman.
[Crowd]: Oooooh

[Narrator]: A guy giving a wedding speech who suddenly has the urge to tell everyone what he had for breakfast
[Tom]: *Tinks Glass* *Inhales* A Toast

[Narrator]: A pizza delivery guy
[Tom]: 'Ay here's your three cheeses
[Narrator]: ...who really wants to save your soul
[Tom]: ...with a free JESUS!

[Narrator]: A man who has spent his entire life searching for fairies
[Tom]: *gasps*
[Fairy]: AHH!
[Tom]: Oh no.

[Narrator]: A short person talking to a tall person
[Tom]: How's the weather up there? *Annoying Laugh*

[Narrator]: A really bad suicide helpline
[Tom]: How's the weather up there? *Annoying Laugh* *splat* Hello? You've died?
[Narrator]: A really good suicide helpline
[Tom]: Whatever you do, don't jump.

[Narrator]: A really bad trampoline instructor
[Tom]: And whatever you do, don't jump. That doesn't seem right.

[Narrator]: An old timey police officer with severe memory loss
[Tom]: 'Ello 'Ello 'Ello, whad'ya call this then?
[Narrator]: This is a YouTube video sir.
[Tom]: I'm loosing meself

[Narrator]: A scientist making a huge breakthrough
[Tom]: Oh my God. I'm trans!

[Narrator]: A teacher who likes to single out that one particular student
[Tom]: Ok class now turn to page.......... No one likes you Paige *kid grunts*

[Narrator]: A sexist
[Tom]: Oh, no.
[Narrator]: Go on.
{Tom]: No.
[Narrator]: Ok fine.

[Narrator]: A man whose refrigerator is running and he's chasing after it.
[Narrator]: Gotcha! He's a sexist.
[Tom]: NO!
[Narrator]: A girl who wants a very temporary sex change
[Tom]: Hey can I be Frank for a minute

[Narrator]: A parent who named their child after their father
[Tom]: uh. No! Dad! Dad! Dad, Don't you put that in your mouth!

[Narrator]: A Cowboy
[Tom]: Yeehaw

[Narrator]: A Boycow
[Tom]: HawYee

[Narrator]: A Cowcow
[Tom]: YeeYee

[Narrator]: A Boyboy
[Tom]: HawHaw
[Narrator]: What's so funny?
[Tom]: You wouldn't get it.

[Narrator]: A YouTuber
[Tom]: Yeah?
[Narrator]: A sad lonely YouTuber
[Tom]: Hey!
[Narrator]: Whose so desperate for views he'd resort to terrible impressions for cheat laughs
[Tom]: Why did I write this?
[Narrator]: Even now the crushing weight of the world squeezes out the last dying breath of his integrity
[Narrator]: His creativity reduced to little more than ashes and bone
[Narrator]: Sad ageing and alone
[Background Guy]: Where's Asdfmovie14?

[Narrator]: Spongebob Squarepants!
[Tom]: 'Ay! I'm a little sponge man!