Fredro Starr
[Verse 1: Skits Vicious]
I'm a psychopath lighting a flare during bible class
Torching the teachers ass to all the screams and laughs
Smashing your face with a brick of hash
I got a clique of bats, stick a fag, figure fast killers
Cash skitter, mad iller, grin is gold plated
Grass spinner, glass sniffer, triple x rated
Shaded in my tree hut
Pop you in your peanuts
Rob you from your jewels
Get it sucka now you see blood
When the moon's full me and sticky team up
And give it to you raw in ways a bully couldn't dream of
I got that dope and a spoon for you to heat up
Now let me show you hell
You'll feel a little sting love
Pull up in the pickup with the bloody bumper
Spaghetti monster the booth is like a bunker
I won't flinch when i slit this wrist
Get the digits bitch
Triple six six six

[Verse 2: Fredro Starr]
And these bitches think I'm psycho
I got a dark mind cause Khaled turned off my lights bro
So everyday to me is a fuckin light show
The psycho, picking up hitchhiker's up on my motorcycle
Don't give a fuck if you n***as like us
Your bitches like us
Get thrown in the ditch with the fuckin hitchhiker's
A few bodies in the ditches
I'm in a dark room with the negative
Trying to make pictures
Fuck tryin to think positive im done
I'm a doomsday prepper a whole closet with guns
I'm fuckin stressed like waiting for deposits to come
Your bitch face, is where I deposit my cum
See I'm sick in the head, I'm sick, psychopathic
This murderscene sight is so graphic
Crime for a day, yeah the purge is back
I'm killin these n***as with these murder raps
[Verse 3: Snak The Ripper]
Yo I'm a psychopath loaded's how the rifles blasts
Sippin' on some NyQuil no one knows how long the night will last
Told yo momma she was fat and now she wants to lipo fast
Kissing on her cellulite i take a shit she wipes my ass
A sight to see, enemies wanna stick a knife in me
Rightfully, cause every verse I'm spitting it delightfully
A couple bloody carcasses rotting in the parking lot
Start the clock, don't really matter if its dark or not
I'll cap you in the afternoon ain't worried about no witnesses
Ever since a baby I was diagnosed with sicknesses
Pull the teeth out of the skull
Ain't nobody as sick as this
Can't identify exactly who the fuckin victim is
I used to eat fish heads locked up in the attic
Started with a joint but now I'm probably an addict
They wanna see me quit but i just keep on keeping at it
They tried to learn in manually I kill it automatic (braaap)