Fredro Starr
Whut Whut
We comin' thru, coming thru
Like what, what

[Verse 1: Fredro Starr]
I'm going in like a deep cut
N***a better keep shut
Before you get your ass stomp down and get beat up
Watch how n***a's creep up, right up on your G, what
Rappers better get they security fucking beefed up
Straight up out the darkside, upper east barkside
Lookin' for a mark, n***a's coming out the archives
Attention so thick, you could cut it whith a sharp knife
Not to mention my clique, we starving apartheid
[Sticky Fingaz]
My middle name is fuck that, cause everything is fuck that
Imma bust first, and bet the n***a's won' bust back
Cause they be dead, trust that
N***a kill a tough act
Cops kickin' down the door, the coke you better flush that
All you n***a's suspect, don't wanna make me upset
Pockets on full and it still ain't enough yet
I'll beat yo ass in public, n***a's better cut checks
I bring it to your face, and n***a's wanna change the subject
[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Fredro Starr]
I'm playin' with the chrome piece, waving at your dome, peace
N***a when it's war, my soldiers don't condone peace
Have you where you can't even walk on your own street
Owe a n***a money they be runnin' in your home piece
Heat up in the north face, so don't need a north face
Screaming fuck the law, keep a gun, cause I lost faith
I'm a fucking lost case, forgot about my court case
Bodies in the trunk, we movin' cross the cross-state
[Sticky Fingaz]
N***a on some real shit, I take you on a field trip
Bury you six feet, won't have a guilt trip
Do you in real quick, soft as a quilt kit
All my guns filled with hollows, leave you tilted
Tryin' to get a meal tick, if I gotta steal shit
I'm out of my mind, or I'm absolutely brilliant
I come with the ill shit, that n***a's can't deal with
When it's a full moon, that's when Sticky Fingaz kill shit