Fredro Starr
Cypher 4
[Verse] Fredro Starr
I get suicidal, n***a
Might pop my brain
Black four-fifth, n***a, with a cock and aim
I'm a guilty n***a, but I mean I'm not to blame
Black mask, looking like a Doctor Strange
I roam with some of the crazy n***as
Scum of the earth
You can see their ribs touchin' from the hunger and thirst
Fuck that, we puttin' n***as under the dirt
Got a gangster bitch, she put the Glock under the skirt

[Verse 2] Jay Reaper
Ayo, Jay Reaper, Jay Rebel
Jay take a fucking shovel then let me reconstruct your face muscles
Now I'm livin' life insane, it's a game hustle
Cause me and Onyx taking n***as down like we the Glitch Goals
Never aggravate a man with a loaded pistol
Cause he might just snap, blow off testicles
And if you hear a gun noise, I'm just testin' toys
Cause the real big boys went nuclear
I see these n***as gettin' goofier
So I've decided to take all their lifes like Lucifer
Doctor Supreme of acoustica
If you're undergoing surgery I would say we losing ya
[Verse 3] Skits Vicious
Yeah, aight, listen
High like heliums, zim zimma beenie man
Who got a key to a speedy bomb
Twist on chameleon, the way I'm readin' 'em is like I was a medium
You ain't familiar, I filter the greedy ones
Cheeky pong trynna tell what the rules are
You in the box and I'll show what the tools are
Reconstructed, it's a hammer and a screwjob
I'm cool as fuck, you a faggot with a boob job
I hang rappers from the fence of my fortress
You might be the next if you dare to touch my porridge
Fucking groupie bitches in the anus with a cordless
They on that shit that makes you dance naked in the forest
Know what I mean, sippin' lean in my yellow submarine
Cut 'em clean, tight swing, bloody barber scene
Anything you need, I got that dope till the sun up
Sticky, where you at, dawg?
Hit 'em with a sum up

[Verse 4] Sticky Fingers
Raise your hands if you sick of this fucking buffoonery
Them n***as pussy, what they gon' do to me?
We at most night, kill or even robbin' for their jewerly
Actin' like you thrill, get you killed, don't screw me
Last thing I wanna do is hurt you, fam
But I ain't crossin' out, you still on the list, my man
See, I knock n***as out, make 'em piss their pants
But I'm humble, I much greater than I admit I am
Light travel faster than sound, you see
That's why people appear bright before you hear them speak
Don't go to sleep angry, I stay up and plottin' revenge
Mad of what I'll do to my enemies that shot my friends
But I don't have enemies, my friends just attest me
But you better respect me or it's gonna end up messy
Spill blood for this rap shit, I'm deep in the art
Break off your ring finger, that's the vein that lead to your heart