Fredro Starr
[Fredro Starr]
Onyx is the meanest the roughest toughest rap artist
Bandits be the illest graph artist
100 Mad n***as we the mad hardest
DJ Access scratch the hardest
Live and die for this spray can shit
Snowgoons on beat make you break dance bitch
Gotta bad white bitch on that spray tan shit
Black hoodie on my Ray-Ban's shit
JanSport backpack, strapped with the black gat
Molotow matt black paint with fat cap
This is for my n***as on trains throwing throw ups
I could make it rain in the club throwing throw ups
I bust one shot for the writers
Bombing so much n***as getting arthritis
Only fuck real n***as don't fuck with bitters
Ignorant arrogant cool like my n***a slider

[Sticky Fingaz]
Yo! These rappers nowadays, who the fuck is they kidding?
Niguhz ain't living the shit that they spitting
Rap about beef and wars they ain't been in
Cars that ain't whipping, money they ain't getting
Bitches they ain't hitting and drugs they ain't flipping
Triggers they ain't clicking and rhymes they ain't even written
Places they can't getting, houses they don't living
Talking like they got bars and jails but never been in
The jewels ain't even real, if they are them shits is rented
Krylon to Montana write on your face with it
Sticky Fingaz, niguh, I'm a scavenger
Better hide your bitch if we see her we'll ravage her
My only comp is complimentary or compensation
And if I want it, niguh, It's getting confiscated
Look just give me the shit, don't be making shit complicated
Hurry up!