Ill Camille
Black Gold
[SIR]"That's yo Grandma favorite part..."

Young chicks developin' hips, innocence is lost
County building overly crowded, we pay the cost
In the back of the alleys, fiends barter for powder
Money, power, respect; self-proclaimed bosses
Buck pads and blunt raps, the first of the month
Gotta put paper and aim to make somethin'
See ya faking 'til you make it livin in the land of the stars
Side hustles and work; supplementing ya job
A block of "Gee, God we livin' beyond our means"
Little shops is full, stomachs stay on E
Can you find us a leader? Maneuver like sheep
Freedom ain't free, forgetting that the meek
Shall inherit the Earth, with no college degree
Guess it's back to the corner, back packin' the heat
The repass is crackin;' the homie R.I.P
D's on that, regal, ghetto loyalty

We all rise, all fall for the same things
We all live, all die for the same things
See I be doin' my best just to maintain
See I be doin' my best just to make way
We all rise, all fall for the same thing
Ayo I spent 500 on the boomin' system
Just to make sure they all know when I pull up
Red bottoms, green money, treated as targets
Boolay, black market, we gon' get it regardless
For the low, perils of being crabs in a barrel
Fair-weather friends and my foes wish 'em farewell
It was serpents lurkin' in the grass I couldn't see 'em
Bible or the Torah, needed somethin' to believe in
When I was six, knew a boy molested by the preacher man
We lackin' balance; long money, short attention spans
I'm just tryin' to execute my plans before I kick the can
Hopin' marriage in my future; forty is approachin' fast
Forgot to drive slow, went off track a few times
Thank God for a hard flow, and an impeccable grind
Wear a lotta caps, hustla, I fit that bill
All my people dealin' with life's ills, for real
But y'all rather watch the clock tick
But I ain't wastin' not a minute, yeah, I got three eyelids
Yeah, the whole system's divisive
Look atcha' mobile devices, the patriotic sirens
They be slaughterhousin' all our profits, just to generate a profit
"Ooh, they got them scopes out, wonder why they always talk morbid?"
Poverty-stricken, leavin' victims
Widows, and orphans forget the Forbes list
We worth a fortune, that's why I hit 'em with the 'ism
I'm dark tinted, but thank God my heart isn't
Left and right wing, same team all politickin'
They be acting like some, "nah nah, I don't feel 'em"
So we stay the high, man rest in peace Ms. Phillis
Granny raisin' Mama children: we product of the village
Crossin' borders with our families, hidden in the pickups
Barter, Sister-learned the game then always paid for it
Ghetto rituals, we blessin' the bottle 'fore we sip it
Black lips, no stars, I can African pen 'em
My people stand back from the center with they chin up
One God, one code, Seventh letter stay stickin'
To the land of milk and honey, I'm knowin' the day come
Liberation is gangsta
We all rise, all fall for the same things
We all ride, all die for the same things
We all, all feel for the same things
See, I be doin' my best just to maintain
We all rise all fall for the same things
We all kill...

"Y'all listen to the lil' lady... and getcha hearts togetha...
Talk about taking chances...
What do you think you're doing every time you pick up a gun
And get to so-called gang-warrin' witch ya own people-over turf...
Somethin' don't none a' ya own... cause the white man owns it...
That's right... the white man owns every nook and cranny...
Every alley and every freeway... every city and every Goddamn swamp
The white man owns it. Why?...
Cause the white man got up off his ass and took it...
All y'all want a piece of it?...
Well the only way y'all gon' get it is
To get up off yo asses and take it back."