Ill Camille
*african chants*

Verse 1 | Justin Sky

Eyes closed. On a tightrope, let the noose hang low low like a mic cord
Skin dark but I'm bright though
Skill, heart, and I fight cold
Squad numbers like a FICO
Whole gang about to jump off, tell the pilot fly low
No games but I high score, boy sane but a psycho
Asylum with alumni in a high slum in some nice clothes
Dice roll, 1nine in my sight, oh? he alive though, boy a cyclone
And I ride those
Keepin up the balance, feeding on my talent
Feel like... I'm feeding off the silence
Beating it the loudest
Echo... heard that... change face like a gecko
Same face from the get go, cliff-hanger finna let go
Cause it all falls down, but I rise up with my eyes up
The yin and the yang, I'm feeling the same
The criminal things give innocent gains
Cool in the flame, I got balance


*african chants*
Verse 2 | iLL Camille

Millie chill but I'm on 10
My boy Jus' said to go in
I only move at godspeed, I never needed a timepiece
The old me turn a new leaf, I'm A1 over these beats
I been chose, little rose who arose from the concrete
I'm the gal that ya pal and ya dad endorse
Raddatat tat, blast that, cash galore
Hit the beach like I'm tryna get black some more
They don't wanna wage war, homie that's for sure
Flow sacred, it's lit like yom kippur, premium 91, not gas of course
I mean humbly speakin, I mean the speakers they rumble like hungry stomachs
We teamin up
Two men and a little lady, the fortress we formin up, it's bigger than us
We passin the buck, we sorta like libras
We carry the weight, then put it all on our shoulders
Then we was like "eff it" we gotta bring em the balance
I voted for pedro, forget the polls and the ballots
Cocoa butter to the skin, we screamin "we matter"
Movin the mountains
And stuck between a rock and hard place, soft-hearted like Drake singing ballads
But really in the end, I'mma be the perfect blend
And one day say I'm a dope mom, daughter, and rapper, yea

*african chants*

Verse 3 | Mickey Factz

The top is not what I aim for, unless we talkin about halos
But that would mean that I'm an angel, and that's a big "but", it's like J-Lo
But wait though, my writing's kinda like Plato
Inside the fire volcano, I inspire higher than a plane go
Over San Diego wearin’ Blade clothes
I'm a pusher, see the tee is plain though
Cocaine flow, I wanna jet son, I need Jane-dough
Unidentified, OJ mode
Bloody glove the rap with a blunt attached
While I'm sunken back, call me Kato
The balance is a couple pesos and I'm balanced cause I'm gettin paid though
I lay lower than a dame strokin on the same trojan
From the main moment
That she woke up in the sun ray glowin
So she do the walk of shame knowin’
People see the same clothes on her
When she came in, but she straight hoin'
Chillin now, layin low, you get it now? Factz!

*african chants*