Ill Camille
Find Out (Real n!Gga News)
[Intro: ill Camille]

[Verse 1: iLL Camille]

Millie is chillin'
Tryin' to earn a livin'
What more can I say
I live day-to-day and deal with the mistakes made
My mission is different from yall n***as I'm straight
My ambition proclaimed in everything that I say
So tell the constellations I'm on my way up
Cause at this very minute yall
My daddy is laid up with a pacemaker for his heart
Strong, he's A-1
So I take heed to the day that he said that I rip and run too much
And I need to sit down for once
I can't kill myself trying to live and I can't be still
And still think I'mma win? (yeah)
Between the self-doubts and the odds being stacked as high as gas prices
It appears our only options are
Being rich and senseless, broke and righteous
Teenage moms is burnt, the kids is just like her
Judgement is nearing, everyday its reminders and we ignore it
Pretending we're immortal we can't afford to play with our lives
Like its 8 more in the corner store we can buy "for the low"
'Fore it's time for us to go
Wanna make sure my soul cool
Studio protocol, alcohol and Protools
Highgrade to heighten the mood
Playin' ignorant to the rules and Universal Code
That everything you do comes back 10-fold
10 years ago I was dying to be grown
10 years ago my good friend passed on
Died in a car crash, same exact birthdate
Year, day, everything
So its safe to say it hit home
But she's in a safe place
Me I'm still searching
Working through the hurt put the Roy Ayers on
I put on for mine, ain't a thing set in stone
Except death
Cause its a definite and what your Heaven is
[Ugh] is really relative
My relative said mine is in the Testament
Set precedent
Every lesson is designed to be a blessing in disguise
You'll find out
[Hook: Bj The Chicago Kid]

Yeah we all know life is all about the rhythm
But sometimes we get the Blues
But Mama said just keep on living
And that's the real n***a news

[Verse 2: iLL Camille]

We're void of checks and balances
Selling slogans, still living counterfeit
We deal a bad hand, can't handle it
"YOLO" is backward
I've come to understand that things we can't understand
We all want control of [life]
Love being one of em
Some of us runnin' toward the wrong one to make us feel comfortable
Tryin' to live "the dream" everybody ain't a Huxtable [ugh]

I'd rather run with 100 bums
If I had to choose that or have to go and front
Bout anything vehicle or income
Man I ain't being somethin' that I ain't
Everybody got a tongue, got my own taste
With a working pair of legs, run my own race
I won't do it just to say that I did it
My lungs functioning, can't say I'm living
But I'm alive, destiny's pre-written
So get ready, here I go
Consider this the rough draft
Thinking past tomorrow-type flow
Go- play invincible if you wanna
Ain't no escapin' especially when Karma is the hunter
Go- be a criminal if you wanna
Eternal life or fire
Everybody gets a summons
You'll find out
[Hook: Bj The Chicago Kid]

Yeah we all know life is all about the rhythm
But sometimes we get the Blues
But Mama said just keep on living
And that's the real n***a news

[Dj Sourmilk scratches]