The Four Owls
Life In The Balance
Like a leaf clings to a tree

[Verse 1: Leaf Dog]
The world is well balanced like karma is
Do you find freedom on the front line where the army is
Or in your mind opening the left part of this
I feel it in-between my bones just like the cartilage
When I'm parting this world I won't be sad
The true gift was the blessing of life that I've had
You can think that I'm mad, Ol' Leaf's on some hippy shit
It took a lot of changes in me to consider it
Inspired by an old ancient manuscript
The Mayans did predict
But can you handle it
It's a sign of the times that's hidden in the lines
The description is what the indigenous define
Assure as the sun won't shine, and the rain falling
The balance is untold in this life we all in
On this misty morning, I zone, at one
With the things that molded how I've grown

[Verse 2: BVA MC]
Looking at the bigger picture
There'll always be people like Hitler
And balancing it out
Mother Teresa tryna fix the world
Then Ghandi making sure the scales don't tip turn
That darker side but thats just the mix in life's elixir
Without bad theres no good, without wood theres no fire
Without the hood the posh house price wouldn't be higher
No stronger no weaker, no stupid no deeper
No dick dropping rubbish theres no work for street sweepers
Without life there'd be no death
And that I don't stop the pain
Just concentrate on the memories they left
When I'm looking at the stars I realise
I'm just a speck on the Earth's surface
I measure my worth by my intellect
We've all got a purpose, some people got three
Some people fall in line and others have got dreams
We all do our best with the tools we were given
Shit my hammer and chisel is this life that I'm living'
[Hook x2: Verb T]
Life in the balance, scales of justice
Reach for answers, but failed to touch it
My mind lost in this, defined by my opposite
Life in the balance, rise to the challenge

[Verse 3: Verb T]
Eight steps away
In fact flip that eight on its side
Because now I infinitely chase
For that intimate embrace with lady luck
I mean fuck, how long can someone stay in a rut?
I'm like 'no'
You see thats all on me, to re-evaluate my goal
And forget the greed, but sometimes I think
Do I know myself? And if not
Is that why I can't control myself?
I got a family man I should be responsible
Same time mind states held in that constant ball
That's why my girls so stressed hey
'Cos I get under your skin like an X-Ray
But lets pray that it change for the best
Deep breath to the chest, now I'm ready for the next day
Your in life with the next brain
Tryna be the opposite like a sex change
Focus head space
[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Fliptrix]
Its like I'm standin' on the moon staring at the world
Tryna work out the balance of this life we hold
It's all a mystery encrypted in the Mayan scrolls
The cycle of the fifth sun is coming to a close
2012 will only truly show us what that holds
The plot thickens as I stand here to break the mold
Got my hands out, tryin' not to feel the cold
But some people walkin' by are fueled with an icy soul
Tools by they side, they take your life for your frigging phone
Others feel helpless, the selfless give a child a home
Rich feed the rich while the others just apply for loans
Money buys everything, but love that's the finest gold
I gotta live fast and won't be dying barely old
Hedonistic lifestyles reflect how our lives unfold
Life is one big cycle like the vinyl spinnin' round it goes
And it goes

[Verse 5: Jam Baxter]
See a billion desperate parts conjoined and deified brilliance
Grand amphibians, submerged in slime
Emerging like blood when blunt words collide
The sun burnt his eyes, the ice sliced his feet to bits
But you ain't gotta teach it shit
'Cos the change is instinctual, the pace is unthinkable
But never put your faith in a fake individual
From the fangs and the mandibles and talons
To mannicles and batons to cannons
To mechanical contraptions, fashioned out of passion
That could turn the Earth back to a burnt black chasm
Shit happens
Atoms, bound by compassion
To fractal patterns I saw spinning
In the caverns of my mind once, it all ties up
If I could see a bright sky shine when my eyes shut