The Four Owls
All my life
[Intro (Sample)] (x2)
All my life
All my life
All my life
Poor poor man

I see many people suffering
Stuck in the gutter rummaging
Clucking for something just to give the gut a little nourishment
Stomach stays summonin' the hunter within
Pulled to surface, human beings forced to primal urges
Trees that are blazed are sellin' for mega P's
Still money don't grow on trees, assumin' its legal
Keep planting the seeds initiating the sequel
To leave you, diggin' for the root of all evil
They act like they real
When they lead at least their see through
They're fishy with the skriller like the man be shifting seafood
It's funny how things change debated for the people
That's the way they made it, the money made us unequal
I speak what I feel no reason to be deceitful
Or bring war, to your door
Material possessions I ain't into them at all
'Cos everything I truly love you never get receipts for
[Leaf Dog]
We step in this game with no pennies to our names
Why you acting like you're rich
With a pocket full of change
Life is a strain for the real people hustling
It doesn't add up, like paying desperate money jugglin'
Wonderin' is this really part of the plan
The peckin' order of man, by the bottom we stand
To get rich and expand is the dream that they're sellin' us
And when we can't do it they'll proceed to keep tellin' us
Jimmy's only words were "too much dicks"
So broke I'll steal your whole mansion brick by brick
Think quick, through the country of god
With a load of fake names
Making claims all your grass its lost
All I really own is these words I was given
Preserved in the rhythm for the future to listen
The point I ain't missin' 'cos I ain't like you
I never found peace without the wars I went through

All my life (All my life all my life)
All my life (Yeah son)
All my life (All my life all my life)
I've been a
Poor poor man
All my life (All my motherfuckin' life)
All my life (All my life all my life)
All my life (All my piss poor life)
Poor poor man

[Verb T]
Much on my mind, I don't find it funny
In the struggle with the leeches
How you've gotta mind your money
The little I've got, they wanna take it from me
I don't praise the table but man my family must eat
I'm not a crook but was gettin' money off the books
Don't remember where mister tax man I'm sorry look
I'm 'bout to go legit tryna start the music shit
Maybe get a little nine to five if I ain't makin' shit
Maybe this is just irresponsible for a family man
Writing chunks music spins puttin' money in the bank
So no I can't do the free collab
But thanks for asking but now I'm an asshole
Deep in the overdraft that makes me past broke
Its only money, don't say that you can't cope
I say that makes a lot of other things hard though
Verbs yes I rip flow so better show me the dough

I'm not piss poor
I'm not shit rich
Money's a bitch, it turns kids into fucking dicks
In my life I've learnt that life's on some other shit
Feelin' like an alien that's comin' from the mothership
I spit my own gold bars and print my own notes
In my rhyme pad, drop me in shits creek and I will float
I've always been a sort of level headed kind of bloke
That works hard to get the shit I want for that rhyme I wrote
The test of time will be the one that's really showing
Get enough R.E.S.P.E.C.T to keep me flowing
My bank rolling, growing, it's shrinking without me knowing
I could be going mental but I did this for me
And all I need's a pencil and instrumentals
To get the track cracking like some earthquake offence do
The paper's what breaks us and make it look gloomy
And I tell it how it is but most would think I'm a loony