The Four Owls
Three Hits To The Dome
[Leaf Dog]
Oh where's the bat at Z
You know
Where's that vaporizer at
When you're sitting back, trying tickle some girls rat

It was me and my two apples
Watching southpark tryin' talk two tappoles
Pickin crumbs off the bottom of the weed barrel
The herb done come to my door like a christmas carol
So we bounce

We need to go meet this kid need a couple fresh ounce
All i need is this new guy to get me out of the house
No sign of the clouds, summertime is the feelin
Poisonin' myself with BBQ's til the evening
I ain't leaving, i think i found lifes meaning
Herb and head in every other time that i breathe in

Freestylin til i feel sick and i'm wheezing
Herb smelling like it had a whole lemon squeezed in
All i really need is this festival season
At the sixth sttempt for the gum or feedin
The sun stays gleaming until the shines are gone
There are the memories i'll always look back on
We got the sunshine vibes in the summertime
Pretty girls are looking fine
That's what gets us high
Threes hits to the dome
Then the owls starts taking flight

I've been drivin in the park so most think i'm the park ranger
I'm old school like away in a manger
When i clock, it's a nice day, i blaze as i wake up
Calling the owls to get pangs for the day cuz
Fuck round the ends
Puts a smile on your face cause
Most pretty women have a name to be face come

It makes me wanna celebrate, get wasted
Purely for the fact the suns shines on my face don
Big zigger, straight rum, is tailored made great fun
Chat, breathe, is escapism, stage one
Bubblegum haze it tastes great in my vape son
Always on he hype i've been on since age one
Beers, girls, songs and bars, is all i really want