The Four Owls
[Verse 1: BVA]
Yo, there ain't no magic here
Rhymes hang above your head like a chandelier
Usually serve them cold like a can of beer
First to go bald, then they ran in fear
I ain't gassed up, just for safety don't hold no candles near
I wear a chain made of snake carcass
Decorate my crown with chunks and pieces of the faint-hearted
I line these words and let the march at you like Braveheart did
Rappers throw on war paint but all I see is painted targets
Straight liquor no vino, didn't want to fuck with this
But as the french would say, man, that's just libido
Warm free flow, better than your whole career
Murdered it but this be manslaughter so they give us years
Acting like queens, the heads on the currency gone
Ain't fucking with me currently, funny, but don't worry me none
Skill of the tongue, keep it tight like the skin of a drum
In years to come they'll tell our story like Atilla the Hun

[Verse 2: Fliptrix]
The kings of our throne, the sum of our talents
Its audible gold, the crown has been handed and put on the robe
Plot of the banquet, it should have been told
Were more than established, eliminating sell out rappers and their wackness
Left up on the shelves, embarrassing themselves
I'd rather play than Biggie, Big Pun or Big L
We position with your mission, what the mission entails
Still driven by your inner vision, miracles prevail
Through the mysticism in the lyricism itself
Plus we flip sales like with digital scales
So put your L's up , if you know your health is your wealth
To feel compelling evidence that we ain't settling for nothing else
The lead rolling his film, we developed it well
100%, through my stance as well
Somersault through hell to compose the spell
That got you all in chanting, 'cause its so surreal

[Verse 3: Verb T]
Yo, I had them like 'yeah what he said'
Trying to hit the reset, behind 2 or 3 steps
In the block, see the higher ground, trying to reach it
Climb a ladder out the deep end to see sense
Strengthen up your defence, revelations takes time to sink in
Dedication takes time to imprint to your instinct
Trying to maintain the discipline
Holding my position, now i'm listening again
100%, not a bit less
Heavy weight on the kings head, that's payback with interest
Invest in whats really working
And whats worth it for you, now there's no time for feeling nervous
Walk across light beams like an acrobat
Landed back in the habitat, he's about the life
Since they were crowning, like, kings on their born day
Preem got the best canvas, we lay the portrait

[Verse 4: Leaf Dog]
Wanna reach the level pay the right costs
Like the Jackson 5, you've never seen me leave this mic off
Infamous on the tracks like the great train robbery
You talk about facts and they're sounding like comedy
Hung up for my calling like a telesales company
For this conversion I need to change like currency
Made my own destiny, they can't stand us
They're getting thumbs down, like slipping out of handcuffs
You the type to lose it all trying to double up
People follow cash like police do with [running trucks?]
Organised like the cartel, stay afloat and set sail
Beats by the hour just like an old church bell
Stand where the rest fell, You should have hung on like a coat rail
Now a [sure mon/ shore mon] like a beached whale
It'd be half of you to match this
Want to believe, just spell my last name backwards (tell em Preem)