The Four Owls
Life Lines
Let's get it on
Now, get outta here
Now sit back in your chairs

[Verse 1: Deformed Wing]
Yo, the mad alchemist
Out the mist
Now, I persist
The [?] chemistry connected
Without the risk
Watch your back around the people
That's out to diss
It's something that we often miss
Got you thinkin' that you're optionless
Chemical equation
Where you get your information?
The motives
Usually they ain't stating
Have a [?] with the bad bitch
Have to admit
We did some mad shit
One foot still in the sandpit!
Ain't turning out how I planned it
Beat bandit
A pedantic
Dealing with the *ad*verse
Wish that you *had* first
There's always ways to make
*That* works
Some are bad influences
With ill pretences
Even if you hold your guard up
You're still defenceless
They could leave you senseless
But nothing lasts forever
See, the stone turn to diamond through this hard weather
[Verse 2: Bird T]
So, now we watch close all the people around us
Who's the one gassing you up, and who's keeping you grounded?
Some inspire, some'll fill your mind with only hatred
Certain partnerships will leave you guilty by association
Right ideas
Are forming while debating
That's when the heads you mix with
Are a formula for greatness
Many times
When the pain hits
And I'm fading
The words you speak
Make me feel a deeper salvation
Fill the team
With people pulling
In the same direction
We can all enjoy the benefits of
When we make progression
We've been through the peaks and valleys
To the destination
Others only acting friendly when we're getting wasted
Your partner got you wishing, falling down a well
Do they make you feel good
Or insecure about yourself?
If it's the latter
Need to pick another mixture
The Fountain of Life
Or maybe just a dumb elixir
[Verse 3: Rusty Take-Off]
Bad reaction
Mixed with the wrong factions
That's why you might have seen me
Acting like a twat back then
Don't blame where you come from
Truth is it's
Who you run with
Done plenty of dumb shit
Dumb kids 'cos it's fun
Quick living individuals
Combine for the funds
Quick ripping and a dipping
Go home
Cry to your mum
Don't be blind to the sums
Sack 'em off if they're vampiring
And feeding off your work
To you, it seems
They're admiring
[The fire in my heart
Or burn their violin?]
Different people have different effects
Make you chill to make you violent
So watch your step, they're trying it
I'm out here [?]
Blind to the signs
But you look close
You see the finer print
'Cos that's a China grin painted on them
Don't you know?
But I'm more like Pinocchio
The puppet come alive
And use the strings
To give your throat a go
I need them out my zone
Lone wolf
No club
I dodge the alchemy alone
[Verse 4: Big Owl]
You're like an open book
You can always flip the page
Never throw salt in a wound
'Cos that manipulates you
Like people's ulterior motives
You on a dip or will you rise
To the peak of the moment?
Like the Summer sun
Shining on the eve of the solstice
Feel the order's natural
You see the sequel approaching
Use your time in life to strive
Trust, people will notice
From the drugs and evilness
I stay clear like the coast is
Shoot for net
Prophet's son
I don't know what a [?] is
But the most important goal
Will be the love that composed this
Grab the pen
Bare knuckle, but it's nothing ferocious
Even though the gloves are off
I'm just freeing emotions
Nothing soft
I'm just being emotive
I rep the real, that's 100
You can see that I'm focused
With a beady eye
Plotting on those liars and poachers
The skivers and vultures
Fly out, wing's length
And stay free like we're supposed ta'