Kyle Bent
[Verse 1: Connor Cassidy]

One time for your mind
2 Times for the Blind
3 Times for the...

With close eyes I find
The soul sky that's mine
I don't wish, I climb
My old ceilings denied
The day-time arrives
Your nightmare's confirmed
My whole tribe's alive
We stay fitted for the finish never ask why
6th grade teach telling me I can't fly
My hopes reach for the ceiling with they hands high
So understand, got the city on standby
Finding a balance in a game that's morally wrong
5 a.m. up in the morning we ducking the lights
I earn time through the habits we usually on
Saving up, 'bout to spend it on nothing that's right
That's a hell of a night

[Hook: Connor Cassidy]

The drinks, women, the aim bringing the same things
Your mind locking, the lames rocking the same bling
The bed swinging the Z's clinging the same things
A low limit what the frame brings
Low limit what the frame brings
We up late again, plotting on the same things
Low limit what the frame brings
We up late as hell, plotting on the same things
[Verse 2: Connor Cassidy]

But holdup, let 'em picture this
No pills and still limitless
Recouping the true essence of legends who passed on
Live forever while we reminisce
True precision I give forever and never miss
Cignature sound, like signing down on the dotted with
Seeing signs of you clown rappers on common shit
Trading in your word, for green faces and diamond whips
Copping medallions while my people starve
I think the public getting blind to what honesty is
I heard life a stage, play your part
But we ain't trying to be a part of this comedy biz
Cause ain't it funny I"m holding like no grudges
As long as your hoes love
And money just keeps coming
Trying to rain on your fire
By burning my whole budget
A lion while y'all liars rely on the same subjects

[Hook: Connor Cassidy]

[Bridge: Connor Cassidy]

A low limit what the frame brings
A low what the frame brings, yea
A low limit what the frame brings, uhh
Up plotting on the same things
I'm about to get a choir in here
Plotting on the same things
We just plotting on the same things, yea
Plotting on the same things
We up late as hell, plotting on the same things
[Verse 3: Kyle Bent]

Plotting on the same things
Trotting on a quest who would've guessed this what the fame brings
Come and be my guest you can get flamed man
Let me get my dragon out the den
Let me maintain the flow
As I craft it with my pen
I'm a master with the rapping can't be matched by many men
Cause I passed you when I traveled down the path you've never been
Staying active with this passion trying to stack up all this yin
Trying to snatch up all the cabbage, silly rabbit with a spin
I'm a savage call me Bent
Sunning rappers turn to dirty bastards when I have to dip
Instrumentals can get ripped
Shooting lyrics on my mental
Make you rappers get the memo like I'm deadly with the clips
That's a semi-automatic
You can bet we bring the havoc
Load the barrel, let them have it
Just be sure to leave your address
I'm addressing all the rappers playing dress-up
You in the wrong sector
Thought I'd tell you the rap game is not a pageant
It's tragic
Since a youngin' been busting bum to get out the gutter
Avoiding trouble and now I'm buzzing due to this hunger
I'm busting bubbles waking brothers up from slumbers
Now I'm no longer the underdog
I'm heating up the summer
No more dreaming only action me my team gon' make it happen
We just scheming, strategizing while you guys are steady napping
Treasure my presence like pirate chests
I'm spitting crack, release the kraken
Kyle moving back in
So I hope you rappers started packing
Hey, getting evicted
And even Clause know that the boys bars are gifted
We making noise, labels might call the boys, they tripping
My leave a sticky note with a message you just missed us
Hey, we been working hard
People never stop the hating
Only seem to quiet down when Kyle finally elevating
Early flights and elevators take me to my destination
17 and getting green but we ain't even met the fame yet
[Outro: 2Pac Shakur]

There's too much money here
I mean nobody should be hitting lotto for 36 million
And we got people starving in the streets
That is not idealistic that's just real
That is just stupid
There's no way Michael Jackson should have
Or whoever Jackson
Should have a million thousand truple billion dollars
And we got people starving
There's no way, there's no way
That these people should own planes
And yet people don't have houses
Apartments, shacks, draws, pants
I know your rich, I know you got 40 billion dollars
But you could you just keep it to one house?
You only need one house
And if you only got two kids
Could you just keep it to 2 room?
I mean, why have 52 rooms
And you know there's somebody with no room?
It just don't make sense to me, it don't