Wooh da Kid
1017 Brick Squad (The Movement)
[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
My house so big, we playing Where's Waldo
Me and your b*t*h playing hide and go d**k
[?] she my ride or die b*t*h
If a n***a catch [?], he gon die right quick
If them cops go past, hit the ga**, and I'm outta here
M6 Beamer like a jet without the landing gear
[?] like a jewlery store, it's Gucci
[?] buying new sh*t
I act stupid, so b*t*h go get me a tooter
Your daughter is a snotter, so I give the throat game to her
I'm a monster eating lobster and pasta, cause I'm a G
She a model, she like to swallo, cause she a freak

[Verse 2: Frenchie]
They say Frenchie flexin, yes
It get hotter when I fire, Brick Squad bring the pain
Come at us, why bother, n***a?
Step up, come harder, n***a
[?], I'm your father, n***a
We do this all day, [?]
We coming like b***er on cornbread
[?] get her home
[?] blowing like a sacksaphone
My shirt I take off
I'm on my grind, like Tony Hawk on a skateboard
Pu**y never pay for, pu**y pay me
Why you got them dice for? Pu**y n***a pay me
[Verse 3: Waka Flocka Flame]
I'm so iced up when I give 'm hell
Quarter brick, 20 benzos, what a n***a [?]
Green chicken team, call it 1017
Mix the soda with the coca, I be on the Lean
I can fit 80,000 in these 7 jeans
All the shooters, they shoot ya [?]
Waka always running things, [?]
Mama calling, but I'm working, and them feds lerking
1 2, beat a n***a flat too
You poison, rat food, strip his a** n***
For 1 reason, Flocka Flocka Flocka
Eat a n***a like [?], light his a** up with the K

[Verse 4: Wooh da Kid]
Wooh Da Kid my name, [?]
Supersized strap, for all you small fries
First the crack sh*t, you n***as stand by
N***as can't see like a n***a with a gla** eye
I pull over for my n***as on lockdown
Fill your [?] make it out, here's a black round
You don't want no pistol play
So Icey Jack Boys, it's a holliday
Hood b*t*h told me where a n***a stash
Come and touch my pack, I just get right back
Better watch what you're saying to a freak b*t*h
Swerving all around your house, like I'm seasick