[Intro: Jonn Hart]

[Verse 1: Jonn Hart]
She wake me up with the head like top of the morning
You know I love to make it clap clap like we in New Orleans
Back it up on me, yeah she like to ride like a mothafuckin' G
Put both those off, oh
If I'm mobbin', she mobbin'
No problem it's just us
If I'm all out, she all in
She keep a n***a up
Better act like you know
She'd catch a case for me
Ride or die for sure
You know what it is, yeah

[Hook: Jonn Hart]
She love to call me papi (yes sir)
Hold it down shorty cool as fuck
She love to call me papi (whoa)
She love to call me papi (yes sir)
Catch a fade if a bitch act up
She love to call me papi (whoa)
Oh whoa oh
[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
Yeah she love to call me Chulo, chew low
Cuz she know I'm the numero uno
And she know when I tap that culo
I'ma give it to her heavy like sumo
And she know that I'm on my grind
So in a few hours I'll be on my way
So every minute is quality time
She gon' sip that wine
I'ma smoke mine babe
So if you've ever had a Spanish girl give you love
You could know exactly what I'm thinkin' of
And if you turn the music down she gon' turn it up
Watch her on the dance floor, she gon' burn it up
Move her body and she turn me on
In the bed I'ma serve her long
And she could take it all night
The way daddy put it down, get her head right


[Verse 3: Baeza]
See I met her back in high school
She the one I never lied to, yeah yeah
The type you always need beside you
Call her whenever and she gon' slide thru
She hold the heat when it's gettin' hot
She roll the weed and then we gettin' gone
She look at me and then she gettin' on
Good sex til the morning
She wet and she moaning
Leave her scent on my clothes
I don't wanna leave
She a tease with them poses
Ooh, but I'm already knowin'
Don't do it girl, I'm already growin'
She want another round
I say, "fuck it" then I'm goin' in
It's alright, oh boy she just might
Get a playa in the game to reside
Cuz nothin' better than a girl that's down to ride