[Verse 1]
I know the West was won this way
But God forgive the heartless way we let
It all burn down
I know, I know you're off on tour
Godspeed my love
I'll not be bored with all
The mess here, now

[Bridge 1]
I'll allow
My heart to get over you now
Let yours take a generous bow
I'll be fine

[Pre-Chorus 1]
You'll be alright

[Chorus 1]
Come and see me in the morning
I'll be in the sunrise
Hoping that its rays don't
Burn a hole in my eyes
You know me, I worry
Could always use some pity
Scared to do a session
If it's in the city
You and I are monsters
We'll not find another
Cannot be together
Lest we eat each other
[Post-Chorus 1]
Don't make me leave

[Verse 2]
It's been about a month
And I am eating badly
Still don't cry
But I keep meaning to
I hear the crowds adore you so
But I'm still here, I hope you know
Don't talk to them about me

[Bridge 2]
My wounds are open to see
But don't take them seriously
I'll be fine

[Pre-Chorus 2]
And you're more than alright

[Chorus 2]
Come and meet me in the trenches
I'll be taking cover
You can load the guns, and I'll hide behind the others
Always been a coward
You can ask my friends
I hide inside for hours
Always had intense eyes
I think I am sick but never can be certain
Still call up my mother
Hiding behind curtains
[Post-Chorus 2]
Don't make me go
Don't make me go outside

God knows what out there lies
I'm hoping I don't die
After You