Footaction Family Cypher
[Intro: Saba Pivot]
Yo it’s Saba and you’re watching the Footaction Family Cypher

[Hook: Shout out Martin Sky]

[Verse 1: KR]
From the boondocks
In the back of a bat cave
Lies a black slave
I ain't concerned with these whips and the nice chains
Nice brains from dimes don't need em
Loose change
I make a salary from me spittin these hot flames
Cold hitta, prolly go shirtless in cold weather
Stack money, rhyme, elevate, that's my vendetta
I'm sleep catch z's every fall like 6 letters
The rhyme chill you try to jack it like my sweater
Look, take a dive in the lyrical rap
The rat pack
Get cheese never get trapped
I'm a threat so they back back
Flow nasty the whole world resemble Kat Stacks
Professor of this ish
School you boys like back packs
Open doors full of bars
Valet parking the car
Scurry and fu** a broad
Pop a pill to f-loss
Holy presence of God
The messiah the great Allah
Watch em resemble me
Lost in the knowledge you see
This the type of flow you need to mop
Lyrics they will never stop
While you're drinking on that peach Ciroc
I'm finding my peace with Pac
Apocalypse is hot the block is hot
Lil Weez I spit a flow I bet you freeze
I got the honey's because I beeess
The hottest MC to ever achieve
The things I believe
And I got red eyes chasing the green
The green is the leaf
Hearing me speak the sighs of relief
The lyrics the beat
Put me in the mood to start a killing spree
F*** a empty stomach
I'm starving I'm tryna eat
Got an entree full of rappers
It's time to begin a feast
Why the labels signing rappers who can't even stay on beat?
Like that
And it's sickening killer flows of delivery crack
And I'm shittening
Oops I meant to say shittin' with gnats
Boys bickering
But I remain a mystery
Like Scooby Doo
So I do me, you should do you too
Boys clueless foolish and stupid like Boo Boo the fool
[Verse: 2 Bizzy Crook]
This is Kurt cobain meets Tupac at Barnes & Nobles
You all talk but I'm anti social I could swim thru the money playing Marco Polo fly
Rebel I go Han solo I stay in a good fit, gold chain And some Fly
Denims My kick game like the 5 venoms Ya BMs DMs I'll slide in them I
Swear I'm going in Like a two time felon I'm under rated but that's
Your mistake Cause while you sleeping on me Shorty up late telling me
How much she love the the tape I never hate I just mediate The sound
Track to my life got no skips I just let it play I'm tryna own it They
Tryna clone on it If they would've asked me nicely I would of loaned
It Instead I ain't gon give them a chance Better watch what you say to
This young Avalanche I stay on track like a Nike fuel band So many
Gigs I need more data man Ya plan A only work when u don't got a back
Up plan I fall down, and I get back up man

[Verse: 3 Jimi Tents]
Man I swear
I can jump off of a building
Leap over rooftops
Glide over ceilings
While sealing my soul in a pyramid
King tuts descendent
Sending a note
Through a time portal
Nailed to the sail of a boat
If my album was for sale
Will it fail? Will it float?
Like parades, out of space
In this game but I'm close
To the rim, like Dwayne or some spokes
Holy water for my sins
Jesus chain for the rope
Church roof as stool
Play the fool, it's a joke
Leap of faith on face
I'm deranged and I know
That the day will approach
That I'll slip & I'll fall
Hollow tips hit his jaw
Call em lacy duvalle
Hold up, wait..
Let me pause..
Play, sipping re(d) wine
Spitting four words
Moving forward
On demand, like a order
Not an Hors d'oeuvre
Homie I can do this all day
Lantern to a lamppost
Where ya damn coat?
Wear ya damn coat, cause the camp cold
You just damn dirt in a compost
This a calm post, let ya mom know
Ya saddam know, we the bomb
Oh, where the congos?
I'm the king, where did kong go?
You a console, game boy
Getting controlled by the council
Count bread, but I lack toast
Bussing lactose on her back slow
Bitch I'm lazlo, lead the camp like a masco-
Oww, a mascot
Basquiat mixed with Van Gogh
Tryna tango to merengue
Been a sensei, since the tenth grade
Tummy empty, I'm an MC
[Hook: Shout out Martin Sky]

[Verse 4: Saba Pivot]
There were clones wanna bes like a copying machine
I'm me like wayne before you bought the carter 3
Copying then They paste I control alt delete
Opportunity will call let it ring
Let it go
Let my people go Moses when I sing
When I see
People scared to be they self
I'm just me
Setting by example when it's ample y'all following
Tryna trend
Finals mvp I'm just tryna win
I had a dream that I had a run in with the law
The same dream I was in a magazine
Hoping I don't mess it all up
Never been wack Look my catalog up
Never pitched crack but the adderall plug
Looking out for me like nanny or cub
I been in the game but I just made dub
All them boy lie and they shit made up
What is ya problem
Kept this shit 100 like change for a dollar
Pimping this game got a cane and a collar
Best rapper living bitch I'm Wayne on the carter
Smooth young n***a and it came from my father
Bitch I'm from Austin
Westside cautious
Approach with
Wrote this on off day
And still sound better than most shit
Oh shit
Gottem in check like coaches
That's Nothing but the truth
True so help me god
I'm aite
But I see it differently since Relly died
Really I
Never cared much about fitting in with y'all
When it all
Comes down to it I can do it on my own
Wrote a song
For the free I might sell it for the fin
Put it on iTunes
Putting on for the fam
I'm just chilling with my dogs
Like its Jake like I'm fin
Tryna tell the whole story
From the start til the end