Ramaj Eroc
I Love You More
[Intro: Ramaj Eroc]
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

[Chorus: Ramaj Eroc & (Hannah Renee)]
I know you lovin' me (Yeah)
She knows I'm lovin' her
I say I love you more (Say that I love you, aw yeah)
She says not like she do (Not like I do, no)
She do

[Verse 1: Ramaj Eroc]
I never knew this type of love could exist
This is more than sex appeal and wide hips
You're the apple of my eye (Uh), fuel to my flame (Uh)
I swear I pray today because tomorrow it may change (Yeah)
Just look at you, you're so unique and far from typical (Uh-huh)
The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew approaching you was pivotal
See, I'm not the type to speak first, I'm pretty shy
But I couldn't let the moment of my life to pass me by
Whoa, my soulmate
I feel I'm finally in paradise, shout out to Coldplay
Uh, yeah, that's her favorite band, see, I know where we stand
Baby, if this here's a game, then I'm your biggest fan (Yep)
If life is like a plane, then I just hope we land (Yeah)
I can be your Ronnie and you can be my Sam (Yeah)
But we gon' make it work, our emotions on that nine-to-five (Yep)
If I let you know what's up, will you be down to ride?
And no one's stopping you
When I found who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with
I wanted the rest of my life to start as soon as possible (Possible)
Well (Well), uh (Uh), we can not fail (Uh)
And by your facial expressions and a body language, I can tell
[Chorus: Ramaj Eroc & (Folayan)]
I know you lovin' me (I know you loving me) Yeah
She knows I'm lovin' her (He know I'm lovin' him, lovin' him)
I say I love you more (He love me, he love me more)
She says not like she do (I say not like I do, I do)

[Verse 2: Noname & (Folayan)]
I know my soul committed all, religious in a vivid afterlife
Was half the price of yesterday, a penny for your sorrow
Canary yellow diamond daffodils
I took the sun and made a pillow for tomorrow
Illuminated dream (He love me more)
Just before the breaking of a dawn
Fabricated blankets of us praying on the lawn
I bought a pack of cigarettes, the internet was mighty kind
Intercept pettiness with a naked state of mind
Love is love, love forever whether or not
We see the sun, underneath a hard rock and hard place
Cynical mind state, but my heart in it
Neither love in it, it's always giving you a pretty smile
After a while, we just sit and meditate
We can celebrate the new life we discovered
The only lover who can love me back to paradise
My sweetie pie

[Bridge: Folayan]
One day, one day, one day
[Chorus: Ramaj Eroc & Folayan]
I know you lovin' me
She knows I'm lovin' her
I say I love you more
She said not like she do