The Fratellis
Moonshine (Acoustic Version)
[Verse 1]
Moonshine, moonshine
I may be bleeding but I feel just fine
Moonshine, moonshine
I wish to God you would send me a sign
My future's on its knees
It don't do its best to please
My crooked spine

[Verse 2]
Moonshine, moonshine
I got the troubles of this whole world combined
Moonshine, moonshine
I bet my whole life on this useless design
And I don't see no place
That I can show this shameful face
Without fear of decline

Never knowing is the most evil feeling
And every answer herе is none too appealing
I'm just waiting in line
Praying hard whеn it comes, it's divine
Have I been blind, moonshine?

[Verse 3]
Moonshine, moonshine
I'm going up to Graceland where they built me a shrine
Moonshine, moonshine
I'll take all your problems if you'd only take mine
And we'll go with the girls
They got empty beds and curls
We won't be easy to find, moonshine