The Coup
Bullets And Love
I'm a walkin contradiction like bullets and love mixin
Slur my words with perfect diction, I'm guilty of my convictions
Complicated compositions punctuated propositions
It's tenacious two-step, audio with ambition
Make you rev your transmission, in the intersection twistin
When the Henny hits the ground, sidewalks will be christened
I'm so nervous and sweaty, that this gat might slip out my hand
A homeless dude need a tip in his can
He put his bid in this man, now it's just bitterness man
We need to better this plan, I'm not just spittin at fam
When I'm runnin from the police I don't have to rush
I'm so dope I just jump in the toilet and flush
We cut it boil it and hush, 'luminum foil it and such
Tryin to catch the few bucks them big boys didn't clutch
We use a tweezers for crutch, when we done burned down the dutch
But when they Starsky & Hutch, we just shit out of luck

Ay, obviously what we've been doin so far ain't workin
Get your hustle right
Learn the game tight
Ain't no spectatin
You up in this fight
And uh, y'know
Pick a bigger weapon