The Coup
Shake it on Down
Shake it on down, baby
Shake it on down

Shake it on down, baby

Paychecks come maybe
But the net sums shady
Your boss he got cash out the rectum baby
So you hustle up quick
Try to rustle up licks
Babygirl, you involved in some muscle up shit

It's a meetin' in the ladies room
Like the 80's tune
This time you fin to play these goons
In unison stomping
All the registers are moppin'
Your patna on the intercom
"Yeah let's getting it poppin'"
Like y'all planned it
They wasn't gonna hand it
The boss called up and asked what y'all demanded
You said
Shake it on down, baby
Shake it on down

They bomb dropping like a psych
With the check cash spot
Wishin you could put more than Top Ramen in the pot
F the police
This mess don't cease
If you starve quietly
That's called peace

We need to take 'em over
Shake 'em and make 'em sober
Ain't no jobs here and very little breakeola
They run bizz smoothly
We shut down truly
We gon' be unruly if they show up with the tulys

You see they bathin' in it
You know the graven image
Ain't doin' nothin' yet still they got the main percentage
Before it's finished we gon' shake it on down baby
Shake it down

So here's the main thing
Make your brain swain
They drain the main vein sayin\that it's yellow rain
Don't stick your tongue out, tryin' to drink a drop
I'm tryin' to make the revolution and you speak of pop

You got stolin' checks and fake ids
'Cause they got us gassed up but won't cut the cheese
So you flush disease while the C-O-Ps swarm like a bunch of bees
In court with a bunch of pleas
It's a setup
Mans round the world gettin' fed up yellin', "hey, cough the bread up!"

And just