The Coup
Hey Saturday Night
[Verse 1]
Hey Saturday night
Entice us with the future
Say our destiny's a shopping mall, but we gon' be the looters
Tell us that this feeling can’t be captured by computers
And this chapter won't conclude us, we gon' get back all the gouda
Hey Saturday night, put it right under our tongues
And shotgun kiss streetlights into our lungs
Yell out "fuck the cover charge, we gon' get in with no funds”
Swindle us some shots o rum
Get our felonies expunged
Hey Saturday night, fill our bodies with the wind
And watch which direction you pointin' that pistol in
The hair raised on my skin, the grin used to contend
The gin goes to my lips, you whisper we will win
Hey Saturday night, you mix the weed with the neon
We bouts to make a moment that's gon' lead into eons
Sing along make us believe we are phenoms
Tag it on the wall 'cause it's a screed we can lean on

Hey Saturday night
Hey Saturday night

[Verse 2]
Hey Saturday night, please be the chaos choreographer
'Cause Sunday morning is the court stenographer
You and the moon can't be my only interlocutor
I'm lookin' fly and you especially who I rock it for
Hey Saturday night, I'ma follow yo infinity
Lust, revolution, and love—the holy trinity
What it was, is, and what it's finna be
We got the capability, we got the connectivity
Hey Saturday night, your air tastes electric
That can’t be measured in pounds, stones, or metrics
I'm interested in vertical symmetrics
I'm givin' all of humanity a wet kiss
Hey Saturday night, you're like a freedom sneak preview
Like we all got the beach house with the sea view
You say to ride into a future that's illegal
Hurry up, we ready, we gon' leave you
Hey Saturday night
Hey Saturday night
Hey Saturday night