The Coup
Captain Sterling’s Little Problem
Get yo' ass off the flo' [repeat]

[Hook: Boots]
It's a wrap then (HEY!) grab the MAC-10 (YEAH!)
Plan of action (WHAT?) kill the Captain (YEAH!)
Excuse me, colonel sir, may I request please
Permission to go home or blow off your knees
It's a wrap then (HEY!) grab the Mac-10 (YEAH!)
Plan of action (WHAT?) kill the Captain (YEAH!)
In case you're wondering, well yes I'm gon' fight
I'm fin' to join the army, but one you don't like

[Verse 1: Boots]
Needed some stackoli to get free like a parolee
Now I'm in apparel colored shit and guacamole
In another country brought to you by Coca-Coley
Ordered from the top to shoot everything holey
Shit I'm 19 and I'm missing all my homies
All that fight for freedom shit; we know that shit is phony
Free to work at Shoney's 'bout one hour for six boneys
And every day we hustle, scratch, and scrape for macaronis
And cheese, bullets squeeze outta my assault weapon
Tear through the air, then his chest, then his breaths and
Looked like my brother from the hood I be reppin'
I wept then, changing from a soldier to a veteran
Left in shambles 'bout this kin of no relation
Crept in the sergeant's tent with quiet calculation
Message from the soldiers to the brass administration
Looks like Captain Sterling's fin ta have a situation

Get yo' ass off the flo' [repeat]

Another public service announcement from way out... [repeat]

[Verse 2: Boots]
"I have just killed my first but it may not be the last one"
I screamed this at the sergeant with his head press to the Magnum
You sent us to this country not to free but bodybag them
And free up all their money so accounting firms can add them
Drag them and their corporates to their own battle
Instead of sending us to the slaughter like cattle
Me and the whole unit we will start to ramshackle
Listen very closely you can hear the fire crackle
You could weigh the air which he was breathing out his nostrils
Couldn't understand why we were seeming so hostile
Said "we spread democracy" like he was preaching gospel
Slapped him in his head and said "Now shut up, Sergeant Roscoe!"
If this is not explicit, lemme tell ya straight out
We'll no longer kill to keep this country drained out
We want up outta here like on the next planes out
Tell the Cap'n make it happen, or we'll blow his brains out!"

Get yo' ass off the flo' [repeat]