Christon Gray
[Hook: Christon Gray]
Today I can see a fallen world
And I can only imagine them
Falling in love with you
Falling in love with you

[Verse 1: Dre Murray]
Kids selling crown just to be a king
Hit the block and lose sleep just to get a dream
Can't explain the Trinity but wizzes at the triple beam
You think his aim is bad you should see the flipping team
No Martin Louies, couple Sam Bowies
Strapped with the toolie call em out you might hear a ring
These suckas on the TV be the leaders
We screaming at kids blind, but they swearing they can't see a thing
The people perish but they deem em all worthless
So without Mr. Warren I know I got a purpose
Add in the team and I feel like I'm in surplus
We so high Greg Noll couldn't surf us
Newest cat in CR, they was raising the bar
And I was eating mad beats, wanna see more?
Feed me, feed me
If I wrote this story you probably wouldn't believe me

[Verse 2: Alex Faith]
But believe me, we do it all the time
Cuz where I'm from just because you seek doesn't mean you find
Burdened with the burnings of this purpose in every single line
Flirting with the worthless when I worry that they feel my rhymes
I do it all the time just wanna be some kings though
But we can't be following ways that we know
Don't act like you don't know
Kings die every day, but we live forever, kings who die every day
What a complicated statement
And it doesn't make sense because its all in how you say it
Complimenting contradictions how do I explain this
God beginning to make us like Himself, it's crazy ain't it?
Royalty is my positioning because He paid it
All at the cross He died, the one who made us
And so you understand us when we call ourselves kings
He only gave us crowns so we could put 'em at His feet, yeah!

[Verse 3: Christon Gray]
I daydream, but then I wake up to the smell of the top dog
And Hell's jail cell they developing hot bars
But if they so hot y'all then why ain't they melting the locks off
And seldom do we help them cuz we felt something drop jaws, amazement
We paid em, propel em to top charts, encore
Put our lion king in the cages
We’d probably entertain the elephant in the room
Pop cultures, popcorn, religion
Got all the Christian rappers tryna be rock stars
Admit it or not, oh, stop, pause and listen
It's not art commission without cause or vision
Yo, this is cinema rap, no bootleg
Come be my mini Fiasco and Lupe’s loop played me
An hour in the theater of my soul it’s hard to get solace
But yes Lord, I accept Your scepter
It's Solomon's Song from the Prodigal Son who left ya

[Verse 4: Swoope]
Here for a reason, not a contingency
Was an empty seed just a fetus formed with a Matt Damon chemistry
Till the Trinity's entity entered me with a re-born identity
Now I remember things, I'm a king instantly
Cuz I was bought with a lot of blood
I enjoyed that invoice, unemployed
The boss got me fired up, Jeremiah'ed up
Lets open the Bible up
Speaking of 20:9, loop it to 29:11, uh uh
Look what his plans do to me
King lives inside of me so what can man do to me?
Cross got me fired up what the Klan do to me?
Preach without a pulpit, teach without a podium
Each with the tools that's given the world the sodium
They parched, the salt I'm speaking of ain't the Jolie one
Cause we only come to thirst for the King through his holy son, Jesus