HBK Gang
Go Hard
I'ma go hard, yeah
I'ma go hard
I'ma go hard, yeah I'ma go hard
I'ma go hard, I'ma go hard
I'ma go hard
And as far as I'm concerned, you a champion (yeah)
So don't ever let 'em tell you it can't be done

[Verse 1]
I'm so new, I'm so weird
They can't figure me out
So they clinch and they cling to the words comin' out
Of my mouth cuz I'm bout everything that I say
I'm so real, I'm so me, how could he fabricate
To the fake, I'm the worst
They want me in a hearse
To the real I'm the illest they feel every verse
Say my name at the end, like I signed it in cursive
Here for a reason, I'm here for a purpose
Closin' the curtains can't stop my show
Can't stop, won't stop, to the top I go
I do this for the kids, man y'all just like me
And I feel like the best bruh I just might be
I put on for my region, my city, my hood
Ride this to the end, I won't quit if I could
Young Su is a problem, a beast and a dog
I'm a champion, all that I do is go hard

[Verse 2]
I go harder than hard
HBK yeah that's my squad
Patiently waiting to blow and for them to know who we are
This close to giving up hope
Almost let go of the rope
My life is a circus but still one monkey ain't stoppin' no show
How could I when I'm so far
All I could do is go hard
Hatred is not acknowledged
Not registering on my sonar
My destination is great
Truly there is no debate
Never content with second my true home is only first place
Had to get my head on straight
Money first everything wait
Five star dinners only I don't want the fish fillet
This the way it's supposed to be
Flyer than a poster be
Keep my heart to God in heaven, that's word to my rosary
Man this life has chosen me
I ain't never asked for it
Took the game single-handed, I ain't need no mask for it
Blood, sweat, and tears, paid dues no cash for it
Pedal to the medal like a hundred yard on the dash for it