The Therapist
Til Infinity
Till Infinity

Verse 1 :

My pen spilling cause I got so much on my mind
I try to fit it, into a rhyme
I feel defeated, and wanna cry
All I see is blurred lines, cause I’m too focused on my dark side
Pardon me, I barely see the light
My situation, a conundrum that got me losing site
Don’t know where I’m going so I’m slowly losing sight
I pretend to be happy and satisfied but don’t know delight - Is
Please, keep the fame I just want these
Kids idolize my speech
I speak it from the my heart, it’s on my sleeve, just like a watch
When it’s time to right I let em’ watch
I ain’t talking bout cheese, but deep inside i know I’m hungry, with a lotta greed
Don’t know if this is what they like
Well, may they at least see the passion when they look into my eyes
I put my soul into a mic then tie my shoes into knot
Which only means I’m stuck, I’ll be here till the oceans dry
I ain’t know thinking, outside the box may have put myself into a one
What a stupid paradox
Sometimes I sit, back and reflect on my life
Mistakes, loses, and all my wins
Only to realize that it left me with no to trust
And a pair of broken wings
I got all these flows but I’m still, stuck up in the mud enough to need a drill

I staying away from drugs I know it’s only for the thrill

So It’s me, against the world this war got me feeling like Pac
When the last time I looked in the mirror and genuinely smiled
Continually I, have bags down my eyes looking swollen up
I should get some ice
Double entendre maybe just glitter, would help me shine
Life got me falling down like leaves when it’s autumn time
Can’t lift the pressure on my shoulders but then again
When they ask how I’m doing so far I just say i’m fine
Rest In Peace to all the fallen soldiers
I understand it’s tough
I push everyone away cause I feel like my walls just caving in, and stuff
I don’t mean to be mean, but life ain’t being that friendly to me, it’s rough
I fight time with my Glock beside the ring
For long I been suffering, from anxiety I can’t let it win
Society I just can’t let you in, my head
No matter how you see it, I’m different a breed, but it sucks
I ain’t complaining, I’m just saying I wish it would stop
How can you find peace, beside the rain when it’s looking like the sun will never dawn
How can you stay the same when you growing up torn
I rely on these songs
Sometimes I’m grateful, sometimes I’m ungrateful - for what I got
I know I should be thankful I’m still here with all I got
And I should read my bible and pray to God
That he help me see myself out this maze that I’ve got
Myself into, I’m drowning praying for a drought
I question everything that I’ve got, do you love me or do you love me not
Promises are just as broken as the clocks SZA been singing bout
So don’t bother answering cause I just want you to show it
I don’t want you to look at me with a different eye, I just want you to know it
Outro :