The Therapist
Maa Kheru Interlude
Verse :

You say I say a lot but I don’t feel like you’re ever listening
If I could, I would fulfil both our wishes but can’t
I’m done tryna save you, I gotta be save my myself
Need to get myself out the bed I done made by myself
So much to think about, I sit and gaze by myself
Look up and see a star passing then wave by yourself
I can’t say it any more clearer to hear and understand
I paint a picture different, it’s hard for mine to blend
Through sunshine and rain I’ve learnt to weather the storm
And live a separate life that stand so far from the norm
Momma knew I was special - from the day I was born
Went on to gather my confidence from the birth of a song
I never did sit back waiting for you to validate my poems
Staying to myself they say the emptiest make the loudest noise
Maa Kheru