The Therapist
Verse :

What a strange fruit this is, I was humble now I may shoot this is
A screen of major pain cruel business
I just wave through visions, I’m from another world
I hit another girl, now facing jail time would kill a hoe than catch an L type
I’m the one your girl call when she thirst that mad pipe
In school I’d get into mad fights cause of anger issues
Now I’m all grown up and it turned into murder issues
I’ve gotten so cold regardless of what the weather issues
I’ve tried to fix it way before it fickle but now I’m trapped
Like a Christmas present i’m wrapped under a tree with the roots I watered
I used to fantasize how life would be a series of just coupes I ordered
Now it’s troops they ordered to come and put me away
I ain’t mean to do it but my pride just went astray when he touched me
I was ‘posed to hold up when my leg still pilled up in the bucket of crabs
They don’t want me out and my thoughts just manifest Into anxiety, I regret some things entirely
Lately I don’t say much and no one is asking me why
I feel alone and I’m pressed time is passing me by
I’ve been going through a few things but I keep it in
I was seeing strange clouds ‘fore Bobby Ray Simmons put that CD in - stores
I was better off staying indoors but the streets kept calling
In the world of sin angels kept falling, how could you blame me
Running with the stealers like I was Patrick Bailey
In the streets was barely out without causing any trouble
I was in the real trap, not what these kids mumble